Alan Mullaly Personally Calls Ford Customer to Thank Him

In what at first looks to be a massive PR stunt which may turn into a lot of free publicity, Ford CEO Alan Mullaly has apparently left a voicemail message on some guy's phone, thanking him for purchasing a 2010 Ford Fusion instead of the Toyota Prius he had previously ordered.

Grand Rapids, Michigan attorney-at-law Michael Snapper was more than surprised when he checked his voicemail and discovered there was a message from Ford's big kahuna himself, Alan Mullaly, thanking him for purchasing a Ford hybrid instead of a Toyota.

“I just want to call you and tell you congratulations and thank you, and like you, I think it might be one of the finest cars we ever produced,” Ford's CEO told Snapper. “Very pleased for you and I loved the story, especially when you can choose anything you want and you choose what you think is the very best.”

All of this was allegedly brought on by Michael Snapper's new car purchasing story, which by some unknown means it arrived at Alan Mulally's ears. Snapper had ordered a new Toyota Prius in 2008, but when the crisis hit it coincided with Detroit Three's begging in front of the congress and Ford's launch of the Ford Fusion mid-size hybrid.

“First there was the bad news, the recession, and then all the public trouble with the car companies. But then we started to pay attention to the kind of products the American manufacturers were making, and we just zeroed in on the Ford Fusion Hybrid. And my wife and I, it's really our decision together, and we gave it some thought, studied the car and looked at some of the reviews. We decided to change our mind and we did,” Snapper told 24 Hour News 8.

This is what supposedly touched Mulally's very soul, so he decided to call Snapper and thank him personally for the purchase. The best part about this story is that the Fusion Hybrid cannot be found in Ford showrooms just yet, and Snapper hopes that after saying all the nice words about Ford and making Mulally's voicemail call public his name might be moved earlier on the order list. We wonder if he should also expect some midnight moaning calls in the next couple of weeks.


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