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Airtrick E-Skates Up the Micromobility Game, They Pack Dual Hub Motors, Can Hit 17 Mph

When it comes to micromobility vehicles, it’s “go small or go home”. These cool roller skates from Airtrick boast of being the world’s smallest and lightest electric means of transport and they are as fun as they are useful for your city commutes.
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Airtrick E-SkatesAirtrick E-SkatesAirtrick E-SkatesAirtrick E-SkatesAirtrick E-SkatesAirtrick E-SkatesAirtrick E-Skates remote control
Electric bikes, scooters, unicycles, skateboards, or hoverboards, are all fun and convenient for urban use, which is why more people choose to switch to them for shorter city rides. You can get much faster to your destination with these micromobility vehicles than your bulky car because you can squeeze easier through traffic and narrow streets. Not to mention the impact our cars have on the environment and how costly they’ve become in terms of fuel, maintenance, and so on.

These electric skates from Airtrick up the game when it comes to city commuters, with their small size, low weight, and awesome features that make them suitable pretty much in any urban environment, from busy city streets to parks, campuses, subway stations, you name it.

Tipping the scales at only 3.3 lb (1.5 kg), the Airtrick e-skates go with show sizes from 5 to 11 (for men) and 6 to 12 (for women). They offer a maximum payload of 198 lb (90 kg). The skates are made from a one-piece aluminum frame that can support the impact of jumping, they come with rubber foot pads, quick straps that help you put them on and take them off in as little as five seconds, abrasion-resistant wheels, and heel brakes. Multiple frame decals are available to suit your every mood.

As you can imagine, these are no regular roller skates, as they pack patented, dual 150W hub motors, and come with integrated lithium batteries. They also include electric brakes, four riding modes, and a remote control that you can use to stop the skates, ride forward or in reverse, or to check your speed and the battery life on the small display.

The Airtrick e-skates come in three versions (A1 Standard, A1 Pro, and A1 Ultra) and can hit a top speed of 17 mph (28 kph). They offer a range of up to 9.3 miles (15 km) on a charge. They will soon launch on Indiegogo, with the standard version being priced at $400, the Pro at $450, and the Ultra at $570.

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