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AirTag Planted in Police Car Exhaust Triggers Massive Investigation, Could Be Just a Prank

Apple’s AirTag has been causing major stalking concerns across the world in the last few months, pretty much because bad actors out there have used the GPS tracker to secretly keep an eye on certain individuals.
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Apple AirTagApple AirTagApple AirTagApple AirTagApple AirTag
Given its small form factor, the AirTag ended up being planted in places where it could hardly be observed, such as behind the license plate of a car.

While Apple does offer an automated alert on the iPhone whenever a nearby AirTag is moving with the user, there’s still a concern across the world that this small GPS tracker could be used for other nefarious purposes than the one it was built for.

And now, the police in Japan seem to believe the same, as one investigation in the Aichi Prefecture police has recently discovered an AirTag planted in their car.

However, the GPS tracker was hiding inside the cabin, but in the car’s exhaust system, so the investigator spotted it quite easily given its shiny cover.

As a result, the local police have reportedly started a massive investigation, claiming that even organized crime groups could be involved in what looks like an attempt to stalk the officers.

But on the other hand, even the police themselves agrees that it could all be just a prank, especially because everybody has access to the park where the vehicle was sitting. In other words, someone may have planted the AirTag as a joke, which kind of makes sense given the location where it was installed.

Putting a small piece of technology in a place where the heat feels at home doesn’t make any sense as well, as the AirTag wouldn’t need more than just a few minutes to start malfunctioning. It remains to be seen precisely who believed that putting an AirTag into the muffler of a police car, but for now, it’s pretty clear that these GPS trackers are way too often misused.


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