After Years of Waiting, nuCamp Revives Its Cirrus 920 Truck Camper, and It's Flawless

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Photo: nuCamp RV
Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (2024)Cirrus 920 (Previous Years)Cirrus 920 (Previous Years)
While some people are looking for massive RVs and travel trailers, some of us just need a quick and seamless solution to throw onto our trucks. Well, one crew that's always been leading the way in terms of truck campers is nuCamp, and 2024 is an important year for this crew as they brought back the Cirrus 920!
Folks, take a nice long look at the images in the gallery and really get a feel for what you see. It's nothing more than the brand-spanking-new Cirrus 920 truck camper; the one nuCamp ceased to build for a few years. Well, it's back, and as we can see, better than ever.

Since most of us already know who nuCamp is, I'll just be hopping right into the magic that the redesigned 920 has to offer. Part of how this baby looks has to do with nuCamp's recently acquired taste for European-inspired RV interior design. Because I'm already talking about the interior, let's start our journey there.

First and foremost, let's start this journey at the rear of this camper and work our way toward the front. As we do, to our right stands a fully equipped bathroom with separate features, so if the proverbial "timing" is off, this space can be occupied by two people: one showering and the other ruining the other's shower. To the left, a large wardrobe and storage drawers are spotted.

Cirrus 920 \(2024\)
Photo: nuCamp RV
As we continue our journey, we find ourselves smack-dab in the center of the living space, surrounded by a complete galley block between the first wardrobe and the fridge before the bedroom. Across, a large dinette suitable for up to four guests is seen. The latter is a convertible one, so if you're traveling with a third occupant or you get the couch, that's where the night will unfurl.

Coming back to the galley for a second, allow me to point out that nuCamp places a two-burner induction top, microwave, electric oven, and farmhouse-style sink and faucet at our fingertips. But it's the massive fridge and freezer that blew me away, hinting at the fact that nuCamp wants you to spend as much time as possible while out and about; we'll talk more about that later.

The final space the interior offers is the cab-over bedroom. It's here that you and your significant other will be resting their bones after e-bike rides in the local woodwork, hikes on mountain ridges, and kayaking on the lake; heck, even sitting around grilling it up and taking in the fresh air is enough to wear you out, and this is where you'll rest. Just be sure to count the stars before bed through the large stargazer window. If you want to count trees or listen to a nearby stream, windows along the sides let you do just that.

Cirrus 920 \(2024\)
Photo: nuCamp RV
One other feature the interior offers plenty of is storage space. From numerous cabinets and drawers built into the furnishing to an overhead space that looks like an airliner, there's no telling what you can bring along for your trips. Actually, "along for your lifestyle," and the reason I say this is because nuCamp aimed to build a unit that's suitable for year-round off-grid living, and that is exactly what we have here, and no, this isn't about storage.

As I dove deeper into the 920, I encountered one heck of an equipped electrical system. For starters, 930 W of solar panel power is in place with the Convenience Package, and so is 810 Ah of battery bank, a 3,000 W inverter, BMS, DC-DC charging, and so much more. Forty-three gallons (163 l) of freshwater also accompany the mix, and Alde handles the heating of this precious liquid.

Now, for the remainder of this introduction to the Cirrus 920, place yourself in the middle of the action to get a feel for how your day may unfold. You may find yourself waking up to the sounds of the local fauna outside your unit, chirping you awake. Since it's right before the break of dawn, you shake your significant other awake and rush outside with coffee in hand. The right way to start the day if you ask me.

Cirrus 920 \(2024\)
Photo: nuCamp RV
After the sun starts beaming its magic onto the world, the 920 begins to refill its batteries for the day ahead. It's at this stage that a bit of stretching, some breakfast, and a kayak ride on the lake follow. Why not throw in an afternoon siesta? But the real magic starts once you near sunset. Since the 920 can be left behind at base camp and your truck freed of its burden, why not take it for a ride up to a nearby ridge where you heard that the sunset is just magical? Enjoy the view.

The next day, it's time to pack things up, pop your truck back under the 920, and head to a beach a couple of hundred miles away; it sounds like we're rolling around the West Coast for this story. If that's not the right way to do off-grid and mobile living, I don't know what is.

The question is: just how much can we expect to pay for one of these babies? Well, we're currently seeing an MSRP of no less than $90K (€83K at current exchange rates) minus $100, so quite a bit more than what most people are looking to pay for such a unit. But then again, is it? I mean, this thing is ready to be your home on wheels, and in that light, it may all just be worth it.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase previous Cirrus 920 model years.

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