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After Unfairly Having Been Denied Fuel, Ex-KGB Agent’s Superyacht Reaches Safety

People have been watching closely the hunt for superyachts connected to sanctioned oligarchs, but the ones that belong to other wealthy Russians who were not on the sanctions list became collateral damage. Perhaps the most infamous case is that of Ragnar, the majestic vessel that got stuck in Norway because local providers refused to refuel it.
Ragnar is a massive luxury explorer that was infamously stuck in Norway due to lack of fuel 9 photos
Ragnar ExplorerRagnar ExplorerRagnar ExplorerRagnar ExplorerRagnar ExplorerRagnar ExplorerRagnar ExplorerRagnar Explorer
Three months ago, the $85 million Ragnar was stuck in Norway because the local oil suppliers refused to provide it with fuel. The absurd predicament lasted for more than two months, forcing the captain and the 16 crew members on board to resort to fishing in the local waters and barbecuing their catch.

At the time, the captain told the media that the entire crew came from Western countries and “have nothing to do” with the Russian owner. On the other hand, the Norwegian oil supplies also explained that it was their personal choice to not support any Russian vessel, regardless of whether their owners were sanctioned or not.

The irony was that Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, the oligarch who owns Ragnar, wasn’t on the official EU sanctions list, even though he is a well-known former KGB officer who also held several top positions both in the government and in the metal industry.

Vessel tracking platforms noted that the massive steel 224-footer (68 meters) eventually left Narvik by the end of March and was headed towards Malta. The circumstances of the departure remained mysterious, and there was no official explanation of how the luxury explorer made its way out of Norway after two months of being denied fuel.

In the meantime, it continued to travel, and it seems that its final destination will be Turkey, a well-known safe haven for Russian superyachts, as the Turkish government openly criticized the international sanctions against Russia. Business Insider reports that it had arrived here earlier this month, docking in Marmaris.

Turkey seems to also be the final destination for the famous Flying Fox, Abramovich’s Solaris, and several other luxury yachts linked to oligarchs.


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