After Supercharger ICE-ing, We Now Have "EVholes" Blocking the Stalls, but There's a Cure

After Supercharger ICE-ing, we now have “EVholes” blocking the stalls 7 photos
Photo: @BLKMDL3 via Twitter
Tesla charging at the SuperchargerICE cars blocking a Supercharger"Souvenir" left on a Tesla parked at a SuperchargerA strange software bug sends a Chinese Tesla owner a shocking $610,000 supercharging billA strange software bug sends a Chinese Tesla owner a shocking $610,000 supercharging billA strange software bug sends a Chinese Tesla owner a shocking $610,000 supercharging bill
Tesla owners started to use Supercharger spots as parking spaces, and people got annoyed. Some have taken the matter into their own hands and plugged the cars into the chargers, so the offenders get slapped with idle fees. This is becoming increasingly popular among Tesla owners worldwide.
We’ve been reporting about ICE-ing since electric vehicles made inroads into our lives. If you’re unfamiliar with this (hint: it has nothing to do with ice), it describes using an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to block the stalls at a charging station, usually a Tesla Supercharger. Tesla has been the preferred target of these attacks, which often leaves owners with limited possibilities to continue their trips.

Nevertheless, as electric vehicles started entering the mainstream, people discovered that EV owners could be just as bad as ICE vehicle drivers. Tesla owners began to block the Supercharger stalls, using the charging stations as parking lots. To other Tesla owners who want to charge their cars, this presents the same challenges as ICE-ing. Fortunately, unlike other car brands, there is a creative way to teach Tesla owners the lesson of not letting their cars clog the Supercharger.

The problem is becoming widespread worldwide, and there’s even a name for EV drivers who park their cars at a charging station: EVholes. It derives from ICEholes, another term for those ICE-ing the Supercharger stations. Nevertheless, unlike ICE vehicles, Teslas can be plugged into a Supercharger by anyone. At least until Tesla secures the charging port, it can be triggered to open by pressing the button on the charger.

If you’re wondering what can be achieved with this move, Tesla charges an idle fee for those plugged into the charger after the charging completes. The fee differs from country to country, at $0.5 per minute in the U.S. and similar prices in other countries’ currencies. The idle fee doubles when all the charging stalls at the Supercharger are occupied, which is meant to encourage people to unplug as soon as they charge their cars to the desired level.

In China, those who punish Tesla owners for abusing the Superchargers are considered heroes, as a video shared by Jay in Shanghai (@JayinShanghai) shows. The Chinese are creative, considering that Tesla China came up with the solution to use floor locks to prevent other drivers from parking at the Superchargers. As you imagine, these locks are not nearly as effective against rogue Tesla owners.

We’re not sure whether this trend started in China, but it is now becoming widespread worldwide. Pictures posted on Twitter by Zack (@BLKMDL3) show the Tesla enthusiast who loves racing his Model 3 Performance applying the same solution to Teslas parked at the Supercharger. The reactions to his post are mixed, with some questioning the legality of his behavior, while others are intrigued that the charge ports can be accessed when the vehicles are locked. We’d love to hear your opinion on this one.

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