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After Sharing His Love for Mercedes-Benz for a While, Drake Now Switches to Rolls-Royce

It’s no doubt rapper Drake loves his extremely lavish lifestyle. He is all about the finest things, including big mansions and expensive cars, and Rolls-Royce fits the description perfectly.
Drake's Rolls-Royces 6 photos
Drake's Rolls-Royce DawnDrake's Rolls-Royce DawnDrake's Rolls-Royce DawnDrake's Rolls-Royce PhantomDrake's Rolls-Royce Phantom
A few days ago, Nicki Minaj alleged that Drake is a billionaire, but he doesn’t want people to know it. So far, there’s no official confirmation on whether that’s true, with his net worth estimated at $250 million. Although that doesn’t put him in the ten-figure range, it’s still an impressive amount so he could enjoy life exactly the way he wants it.

In his most recent post on social media shared on August 12, rapper Drake reminded everyone of his Rolls-Royce collection. Drake is famous for random photo dumps and, among shots of his latest face tattoo with his mom's name, a painting, a cocktail glass, and a picture of an old BlackBerry phone, we can also see part of his luxurious car collection.

Parked one next to the other, you see a black Rolls-Royce Cullinan, a gray Dawn, and his Phantom. While the first two look pretty standard, his Phantom is truly one of a kind. It was customized to fit his every desire, with a creamy exterior and his signature owl sculpture, placed instead of the British luxury car manufacturer's Spirit of Ecstasy. Oh, and it's also made of gold and diamonds.

It looks like Drake might be all about his Rolls-Royces now because recently he shared several pictures including the luxury brand. A week ago, he posed in his Dawn on his way to rehearsals, looking casually cool.

That comes after a phase where he was only interested in Mercedes-Maybach. That included featuring Virgil Abloh’s Project Maybach in his latest music video, “Sticky,” or wearing a t-shirt with the brand’s name.

Even though he’s now switched to his Rolls-Royces, what both brands have in common is that they provide great performance and amazing comfort when riding in them, whether you’re driving or just casually chilling in the back seat.

Editor's note: Gallery includes older pictures of Drake and his Phantom


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