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After Private Planes and Expensive Cars, Maluma Rides the Subway, Still Humble

After singing with Madonna or Jennifer Lopez, you can say that Maluma has made it. But while he’s back in his hometown in Medellin, Colombia, the singer took a subway ride, showing how humble he is.
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With an estimated net worth of $12 million, Maluma, on his real name Juan Luis Londoño Arias, has become internationally famous in the last few years. But going back to his hometown of Medellin, Colombia, has made the singer forget about the private jets or expensive cars for a while. Not from his own initiative though.

In his recent Instagram Stories, the singer shares his bewilderment to be in the subway, his video showing the San Javier station, the final one on the B line of the Medellín Metro. He says in the video, “Can’t believe it, I’m on the subway,” as he points the camera to the station, where people are looking into the train car, and Maluma says softly that it’s not him, wishing not to be recognized in his underground adventures.

It’s pretty clear from the video that his friends might have dragged him along for the experience, but Maluma doesn’t forget to mention how he’s “always thankful, always,” for “everything beautiful” that has happened to him so far. This might include the privilege to fly on private jets, owning several supercars, and visiting lots of amazing places all over the world.

He’s also the proud owner of a private jet, a black second-hand Gulfstream G450, which several South American publications claim he dropped around $20 million for it, in the fall of 2019. He also gave it the nickname “Royalty Air.”

The subway ride surely seems to be a one-time-thing adventure for Maluma, as his garage hosts a Mercedes-Benz G 800 Brabus, a 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, a Ferrari 488 GTB, a Porsche 718, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost. So, most likely he’d prefer any of those to riding the subway. 


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