After Historic Return to Production the Acura Integra Might Also Return to the Racetrack

The Acura Integra won its first race back in the 1980s, and now it seems like the new sport-compact might go back to the track. Before it does, some issues have to be sorted out. Jon Ikeda, the Chief Designer at Honda and Acura, recently laid out the plan.
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Ikeda spoke to Road & Track before the L.A. Auto Show, and we learned that the Integra could be race track bound. 

He's quoted as saying... "We want to race this thing, but maybe the Honda PR and marketing guys might have different ideas,"

Nevertheless, an entry would make a lot of sense. Many have decried the new Integra for being too soft or for being a Civic Si in a more expensive dress.

Putting it on the track and proving that the platform is athletic could go a long way with fans.

Ikeda understands that just wanting to go racing doesn't mean it'll happen too. "The thing with our brand and our company in general, at the end of it, it has to be fun... it's got to be fun to drive and we're the performance division of Honda, so we're not going to shy away from Honda, you know? We're going to just have a little bit more fun," he said.

The first production Integra to be sold in the USA in 16 years will come with a 1.5-liter VTEC turbocharged engine and a six-speed manual transmission.

In the Civic Si, the exact same powertrain makes 201 horsepower. That's a long way from the track, but it also leaves room for Acura to introduce a Type R variant similar to the Civic Type R.

It's clear that a balance will need to be found. Acura can't commit to racing just yet and, at the same time, the Integra may need some upgrades.

Still, we have to believe that before the end of its run, the new Integra will end up with numbers and a livery on it. It just makes the most sense.
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