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After Eyeing His Yacht, the U.S. Ready to Pounce on This Russian Billionaire’s Luxury Jet

A couple of months after this Russian oligarch’s luxury toys were added to the sanctions list by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), federal prosecutors now got the green light to seize Andrei Skoch’s private jet.
Skoch's private jet is a $90 million Airbus A319-100 7 photos
A319 AircraftA319 AircraftA319 AircraftAndrei Skoch's Custom HelicopterAndrei Skoch's Custom HelicopterAndrei Skoch's Superyacht Madame Gu
One of the most stunning superyachts hiding out in plain sight in the now-infamous safe haven of Dubai is Madame Gu. The 325-footer (99 meters) pleasure craft designed by the iconic Andrew Winch immediately stands out to its hull’s special shade of blue, called “Shark Blue,” and is joined by a custom Eurocopter Dauphin AS 365N3 flaunting the same unique color.

The helicopter alone is worth around $9 million, and the gorgeous Madame Gu is estimated at $150 million. They are the toys that Andrei Skoch allegedly enjoys while at sea, but he also owns a private jet – a $90 million Airbus A319-100.

A statement from OFAC earlier this year showed that the U.S. is officially targeting all of these luxury assets. But things just got worse for the billionaire, as federal prosecutors are authorized to actually seize his private jet, according to a recent affidavit.

According to UPI (United Press International), there’s a seizure warrant with Skoch’s name on it and his P4-MGU aircraft. Authorities say that they’ve confirmed Skoch’s ownership, even though it’s through a complicated web of shell companies. The prosecutors are also stating that this luxury jet is one of “the fruits of criminal activities,” referring to the oligarch’s alleged money laundering network.

A twice-designated member of the Russian Federation Duma with strong ties to the steel industry, Skoch is one of the oligarchs that were sanctioned by the U.S. back in 2018, accused of organized crime activities. In March this year, he was sanctioned again for supporting Kremlin’s war against Ukraine.

No details about Skoch’s private jet are known, but the Airbus A319 is a 111-foot (33.8 meters) powerful aircraft fitted with Sharklets. These wingtip devices improve the jet’s performance on every level, including reducing fuel burn by 15% and enabling an impressive range of 4,318 miles (6,950 km).

Editor's note: Gallery showing a basic Airbus A319-100


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