After Electricity, Rolls-Royce Customers Reject Diesel As Well

BMW/Rolls Royce Diesel 1 photo
Photo: BMW / autoevolution
It seems that Rolls-Royce will not be adopting a diesel engine under the bonnet of any of their cars, any time soon. Apparently, according to, who have inside information, RR customers were asked whether or not they would like a diesel to power their uber-exclusive lxury barge.
However, in the same manner in which they said no to electric power (despite the fact that electricity is the smoothest way to power a car), citing their primary reason for it as being the fact that they like the engine sound. We thought people bought them for their smooth ride and the sheer opulence of the interior.

So, despite the fact that diesel and electric power would be perfectly suited for a Roller (very torquey), the fact that owners are willing and able to pay for its fuel bills and not care about the environment, means that the company will be forced to stick to gasoline for the foreseeable future, despite having access, courtesy of BMW, to some of the best diesel engines in the world.

Perhaps the people who buy RR should take a better look outside their triple-glazed windows and finally realize that it’s not all fun and games, and that their rather inefficient V12-powered limousine is polluting as much as 4-5 small city cars. We strongly disagree with this way of thinking, and we say that everybody, no matter how wealthy should care about and do their part for the environment.

Diesels and EVs are fesable for RR, If the company markets them in a smart way, they won’t lose their core customers, and maybe attract a few new ones. Sadly, Rolls-Royce seems stuck in the 20th century, at least when it comes to their powerplants. However, if they do not budge by their own choosing, the ever-stricter emissions regulatiosn will, at some point, force them to do so.
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