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After 1 Year and a Half Deadmau5’s BAC Mono Car Is Ready

When brothers Neill and Ian Briggs founded their company in Liverpool six years ago, they set one thing straight: their intention was to create a pure driving experience with a central-seat format. Every car is created to the exact specifications and proportions of each unit’s owner, which sometimes makes the production last quite a while. Yet, we’re pretty sure Deadmau5 will find that waiting was worth it.
Deadmau5's BAC Mono car 7 photos
Deadmau5's BAC Mono carDeadmau5's BAC Mono carDeadmau5's BAC Mono carDeadmau5's BAC Mono carDeadmau5's BAC Mono carDeadmau5's BAC Mono car
Why make a newer model every year or so when you know the current one is just perfect. Well, at least that is what people at Speke, Liverpool like to think of the Mono car, Briggs Automotive Company’s first sportscar model.

With only about 60 employees, the company is already getting quite famous among the sportscar makers in the industry. And having celebrities buying cars from you is the best thing you can do when you want to make sure sales are growing by the year.

This is one of the reasons folks over at BAC have been heavily teasing Deadmau5 with his unit the last months. But the day has finally come. After one year and a half the car is ready. And mind you, we’re about to see some serious racing, because Zimmerman is not the Canadian DJ you used to know a couple of years ago. No, these days this fellow is really into hitting the track with the fastest rides you find on the market.

A 2.3-liter four-cylinder Ford Duratec engine motor will propel Deadmau5 to 62 mph in a reported 2.8 seconds, as the one-seat sportscar is able to reach a top speed of 170 mph.

Question is, will Joel be worthy of wearing that helmet stamped with his personal logo?


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