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Affordable Silver Star Aluminum Trailer Is So Tough You Can Pass It On to Your Children
Earlier this month, I shed light on an aluminum trailer manufacturer from Florida, WeeRoll. This time around, we'll be diving into another aluminum unit from this crew and exploring the sort of mobile home canvas you can attain for under $18,000.

Affordable Silver Star Aluminum Trailer Is So Tough You Can Pass It On to Your Children

Silver Star ChassisSilver Star ChassisSilver Star ChassisSilver Star ChassisCustom Silver Star TrailerCustom Silver Star TrailerSilver Star Base InteriorCustom Silver StarSilver Star TrailerCustom Silver StarSilver Star FrameCustom Silver Star TrailerCustom Silver Star TrailerSilver Star Base InteriorSilver Star Trailer
It's called the Silver Star, and just like WeeRoll's Silver Moon, this camper is the kind you could very well pass on to your children. Heck, aluminum's inherent properties make these RVs nearly impermeable to the elements and aging. It's a big reason why Airstream builds their machines out of this material. But WeeRoll is nothing like Airstream and is the main motive why you should lend me your eyes for the next few minutes.

One way WeeRoll stands apart from other RV manufacturers, aside from working with nothing but aluminum, is by being family-owned. Because of this, they can work outside established industry norms that titans often set. The result? Affordable machines built with the world's favorite camper material, aluminum.

To start this journey off, you must note that not only is the entire body of the Silver Star built out of aluminum but so are the floor and tongue. The only portions of this trailer built with another material are the axles from galvanized steel. A tandem 3500 Dexter Torflex axle is in place for the Silver Star, and the front one features electric brakes. Seems like a solid base if you ask me.

Continuing our journey through this make-it-what-you-want trailer, I must point out that the shell is shaped by an alloy frame upon which an aluminum skin is placed. However, no screws or rivets are used in the process, meaning that the skinning is never broken and exposes the interior or insulation to the elements. There's a proprietary drain system too.

The remainder of the Star's exterior is designed to take a beating. Whether you want to add a rooftop tent and cargo rack or just two tents onto the exposed bars up top, do what you want. Maybe just need extra protection against mud and rocks; all of this puppy is prepared for your ideas of adventure.

Speaking of ideas, here's what could be perceived as a downside: the Silver Star's interior. Why? It's absolutely empty. What, you thought $18,000 (€16,800 at current exchange rates) would get you a fully equipped RV that's basically indestructible? Come on. That's unheard of. Nonetheless, with a bit of handy work and foresight, you could transform this impeccable canvas into an example of mobile living art. Don't forget to bring extra cash.

Think about it. Because the Star features two entrances, one lateral and another at the rear, the latter exposing the entire back of your camper, you could quickly transform something like this into, oh, let's say, a fifth wheel, with the rear being reserved for gear and toys. Not your style?

Why not take a couple of weeks to figure out how you want to set up the interior, order the materials and systems you need, and go to town on building the habitat of your dreams. There's room to install a galley, living room, and/or bedroom, and if you have knowledge of plumbing systems, there's even space for a bathroom too. You just have to figure out how to add water tanks onto the trailer. As standard, some electrical needs are covered by WeeRoll, just light socket work.

Because RV teams often discuss designs with their present or future customers, expect to be able to dish out more than just the base price for your Silver Star. Remember, the more systems WeeRoll installs for you, the less work you'll have to do when you finally pick up your RV. Judging by the images in the gallery, it looks like this crew can even design a rather off-road-ready Silver Star.

Listen, it's not the flashiest travel trailer around, nor is it equipped with five-star furnishings, but it doesn't have to be; it's a solid base for your ideas and off-grid lifestyle. I don't know about you, but I can't afford alligator skin seating and carbon fiber handrails in my RV, nor do I want or need that, and the Silver Star seems like a great place to start.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. The image gallery includes an array of custom Silver Star units.


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