AeonRV Unveils Updated and Electric Rev2, and It's Better Than Ever Before: Ford Is King

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For the past couple of years, the off-grid industry has been graced by a team dubbed AeonRV. Well, the time has come for them to unveil their updated and fine-tuned vehicle, the Rev2. If you’ve been looking to change up the way you live, this one’s for you.
Ladies and gents, AeonRV is one of those RV and camper manufacturers that have just one unit in their lineup. That’s because this crew has been focusing on crafting the perfect off-grid and off-road machine for the past couple of years, and most recently, they unveiled the Rev2, their most “enhanced” model yet.

Now, a whole lot about AeonRV, we aren’t told. Even the manufacturer’s website states very little, mainly that the brand was started in 2021 by two Silicon Valley executives who were looking to put their 60 years of know-how and industry innovation to good use. The result? An entirely new and different approach to mobile living, one that folks like you and me can rely on no matter the setting and terrain.

All that brings us to the heavily modified Ford Transit chassis before us. Here, we’re looking at an AWD base with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that can spit out 306 hp and a peak of 400 lb-ft of torque. Once coupled with a 10-speed automatic transmission with SelectShift, you can start to get an idea of just how far you can venture with the Rev2 and how you’ll manage to get through it all.

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Speaking of getting through it all, allow me to point out that AeonRV took the time to really take the Rev2 to a whole new level. As standard, heavy-duty steel wheels and BFGoodrich AT tires ensure you get to where you want to go, but features like a 1/4-inch differential skid plate and lift kit offer extra protection and clearance. A front coil spring and rear leaf spring suspension are the basis for comfort and control.

All that’s there to make sure you end up reaching your destination, but the question is, how are things going to unfold once you do find that perfect spot? Well, I wouldn’t be wasting your time if there wasn’t anything important to talk about, and all that begins with you picturing yourself under some tree on the edge of a hidden grove, on the rim of a mountain pass, or some beach somewhere.

First and foremost, the idea behind the Rev2 is to offer future owners a machine that they can depend on and to do that, this mobile habitat has been loaded up to the brim with the features we need to survive where others cannot, and it all starts with a single-piece fiberglass design. It’s so well made that AeonRV even brags about the Rev2 being “the best-insulated RV on the market today.” That’s one very bold statement.

From there, that shell is then completed with 800 W of solar power-processing panels, upgraded from the previous generations of just 700W, up to 13.6 kWh of self-heating battery bank, and alternator charging with up to 1.6 kW of juice, just to name a few. Why so much juice and power? Simply because that’s how AeonRV rolls.

Rev \(2023\)
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But, the truth is that the Rev2, or any other model in the crew’s history has been designed to operate exclusively in electrical power. Each appliance and system inside the camper draws energy from nothing other than the battery bank you have in place, and that’s the true meaning of off-grid; that alternator is bound to prove essential, too. Only the upgraded heating system will be using some of your vehicle’s fuel. Oh, 59 gals of fresh water will be at your disposal.

But what’s the interior all about? Well, as you climb aboard this unit, you’ll find yourself near the front of the floorplan, next to a bathroom on your right and a kitchen to the left. Beyond the bathroom, a pass-through from the cabin is spotted, along with a massive fridge toward the left side of the unit.

As for the rest of the goodies, future owners can expect a modular dinette, plenty of storage space, and, at the very rear, an East-West bedding arrangement with a large gear and toy garage underneath. Speaking of bedding, up to two adults and two children can be accommodated in the Rev2, so yes, it can be considered a family-ready unit.

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Photo: AEONrv
Now, at this stage, I typically like to tie things up for the day. However, the Rev2 has plenty to talk about, and since time is limited, I’ll be brief. It's important to note that outdoor living is also one of the directions in which AeonRV likes to take things, and this means features like an outdoor shower, a cooktop that can be moved outdoors, a pass-through storage, and a rear cargo rack that you can load up with things like e-bikes and whatever else you have in mind. Don’t miss the integrated L-tracks.

Clearly, this isn’t the end of two pages of features and options that Aeon places at our disposal, but it is the end of our time together. But, before I go, allow me to drop the mic on this machine’s price: $219,500 is what you’ll need to get in on the Rev2 action, but do consider that the living space comes with a 10-year “box integrity” warranty.

As a bit of a side note, do consider that ever since AeonRv has been on the market, they’ve been busy and have even announced the delivery of 50 units by the end of the year. So, there’s clearly something special about these babies, and I urge you to find out what.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of AeonRV models, including previous years.

 Download: Rev2 Press Release (PDF)

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