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AEONrv Is Ford Rig With 4X4, All-Weather Capability and Off-Grid Electric Habitat
Let's face it, at the rate at which technology is changing, and it's no wonder that a whole lot of it is starting to spew over into every nook and cranny on this planet. One industry being affected is the RV industry, so much in that we are now seeing fully electric habitats.

AEONrv Is Ford Rig With 4X4, All-Weather Capability and Off-Grid Electric Habitat

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Folks, the RV before you is known as the AEONrv, a new off-road and off-grid RV that is now taking reservations for the limited production run it will embark upon. Now, not much is known about AEON Industries, the manufacturer behind this RV, but the product website does state that this company was started by two Silicon alley executives that have over 60 years of experience in the tech and innovation industries.

Just so you don’t misunderstand anything, as I initially had, I have to tell you that the entire vehicle is not electric powered, just the habitat. I know, a bit of a bummer, but then again, it’s still a big step in the right direction. And, for the $184,500 (€158,903 at current exchange rates) starting price, you’ll have the luxury of creating a perfectly custom off-grid and off-road capable vehicle that relies on nothing but the power of the sun to successfully run your internal living space. But before we get into the habitat, let’s have a look at what sort of base vehicle and chassis you’ll receive for this sort of cash.

As a base vehicle and chassis, a Ford Transit with AWD a 1-ton SRW cutaway chassis will be the base for everything you see. Running boards, 16-inch wheels with BFGoodrich All-Terrain tires, differential skid plate, and custom-tuned rear shocks, and clearance extensions are part of the off-road features that AEON throws in. A 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine pumps out 306 horsepower and 400 lb-ft (542.3 Nm) of torque while being controlled by a 10-speed automatic transmission.

While countless other features offer security and comfort while driving, I feel the more important of the bunch would be things like the insulated walls, floors, and roof panels with thermal-free construction, and the 5,000-lb (2,267-kg) towing capacity, not to mention a 400-mile (643-kilometer) range at 65 mph (106.6 kph) speeds.

Since an ample electrical system is what this RV is all about, it’s time to go in deeper and see why it’s being heralded as an all-electric habitat. To start things off, it should help to know that there’s an 8.2 kWh self-heating BattleBorn lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack that can be upgraded to 13.6 kWh. With 700 watts of solar coverage, Victron 100/30 MPPT controller, and 3,000 VA DC Victron energy converter, I'm starting to understand why everything in the habitat can be self-sufficient.

As for the living space, two adults and two children can be accommodated with ease and comfort. Queen bed and convertible dinette will be the nightly resting places for your weary heads, while 66 gallons (250 liters) of freshwater ensure that you can stay alive from one watering hole to the next. An electric Shurflo water pump, two-stage water filtration system, and electric 8-gallon (30-liter) water heater are part of the waterworks too. The bathroom includes an inside/outside shower, a flip-up sink to help save space, and a 4.75-gallon (18-liter) cassette toilet.

As for the galley features things like an electric stovetop with the possibility for interior or exterior use, fridge/freezer combo, deep sink, and solid-surface countertops, not to mention dedicated garbage and recycle bins are part of the standard package. To store things like foodstuffs and cooking utensils, ample storage is found all around the kitchen. Storage is found all around the RV, so don’t worry about limiting your outdoor activities.

Adding off-grid comfort to your adventures no matter where you rest for the day are things like ceiling fans, 9,000 BTU mini-split AC with heat pump, and 4,000-watt ducted air heater with connection to the gas tank, and plenty of low-power dimmable LEDs. There’s also an over-bed power skylight and roof access, just perfect for a bit of stargazing.

Aside from a massive and heated garage fit for bikes and gear, WiFi and/or cellular booster antennas, there’s also a list of options that allow you to transform your AEONrv into something even more capable than what you already see. Options like an off-road package that brings winches, bumpers, and intercooler skid plate are available, or you can opt for a composting toilet, Garmin Dash Cam Mini with front and rear cameras, and boost the battery capacity as I mentioned.

Most people would agree that 700 watts of solar energy and an equipped electrical setup like what you find on the AEONrv are definitely enough to keep things running smoothly and cost-free. The only question that remains is when will we start seeing electric drivetrain RVs on the market?

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