Adria's Compact Motorhome Is European Taste Built To Encourage Year-Round Living

While the US has been getting a whole lot of RV attention from myself and other news outlets, there's plenty of magic happening elsewhere in the world, too. For instance, Europe's Compact motorhome from Adria is one notable machine we need to explore. Welcome to European on-road living.
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Folks, Adria is an RV brand that's been a name in the industry since 1965, and if the name doesn't sound familiar to you, chances are that you don't live in Europe. Nonetheless, once we're done exploring all that the Compact has to offer, you may find yourself buying a trans-Atlantic flight just to get one and ship it over.

Now, to be more precise, I chose to bring this lineup to light simply because it comes across as boasting all that Adria is about without forcing future owners to break open the bank. For example, Adria doesn't showcase a particular cost for this unit on their website - or I couldn't find it - but in my search for a rate, I ran across a price range of around £73K to £78K, so around $92K to $99K (at current exchange rates). It's not a bad price, considering this team is known for crafting flawless machines.

Speaking of flawless, take a look at that exterior. It's sleek, modern, compact, and light and includes all the little extras we typically need while traveling. Within that seven-layer shell of wood, polyester, and insulation, Adria hides a gear garage, access to drainage, and above all, everything is enclosed, making this bugger all-season worthy, assuming you're not traveling through Siberia or something like that. Did you happen to notice that massive skylight?

Photo: Adria Mobil
All that's set up on a Citroen Jumper or Fiat Ducato base vehicle, depending on the floorplan, and off you go. Throw on a bike or kayak rack on the rear, possibly the roof, and the next time you stop, you'll find yourself on a beach in Greece or Spain. Going on a ski trip? Yes, going on a ski trip. Load it all up and punch it!

As I mentioned, three floorplans are available for this lineup: the DL, SC, and SL. But my personal favorite, simply because of the amount of pace it offers, is the SC. Why this floor plan? I enjoy it most as it ditches the three-person bedroom found at the rear of the other two units for a double bed with a walkaround, offering a less cramped feeling.

Upon entering this mobile home, I was first left in awe of the flawless interior design that Adria has delivered once again. Come to think of it, this is nothing new for this crew, but the whole private airline feeling is simply overpowering here.

From leatherette and composite and modular tabletops to brushed semiprecious accents and handrails, this thing screams "delicious!" Honestly, Adria's European sense of style has been so appreciated that even a few American teams have begun to incorporate it into their units and lineup. Another crew responsible for influencing this push toward European styling is Hymer (currently part of the Thor Industries family of brands), but we'll talk about them some other day.

Photo: Adria Mobil
Picture yourself turning into an RV park, on the edge of some vineyard overlooking the French Riviera, or the edge of the Alps parking your mobile home, and without even getting out to stretch your legs, you do so inside; there's plenty of space to do so.

Even now, you and your significant other decide to skip out on the exterior activities and first whip up a bite to eat on the three-burner gas top. Enjoy your meal over at the modular dinette with extension while having a look at the world you're about to step out into.

Another aspect I personally enjoy about Adria's work is their bathrooms. Don't underestimate a bathroom; I use them as a clear indicator of how serious a manufacturer is about their units because if any drop of water leaks out from this space, it can destroy your unit, little by little, and before you know it, it's too late.

Photo: Adria Mobil
Now, before stepping out into the world, you'll need to dress appropriately, and to do that, there are countless overhead storage bins from where you can grab your change of clothes or head to the bedroom once again and access the wardrobe. I just love the whole airline overhead storage feel of these cabins.

All ready to go, you finally step outside, and because this is a ski trip, your first step out of the Compact, and the crunch of snow and the smell of winter floods your ears and nose. Extend that awning, unload your outdoor cooking setup, skis and snowboard from the garage, and enjoy the day.

Once you've had your fill of fun in the snow, come back to your home, kick off the boots and snow, and head back inside, where Truma has been keeping your unit at the right temperature. If you grabbed solar power, too, even better.

For the next few days, you live it up like this, and once the snow starts to harden or disappear altogether, hop into your Compact, drive down south, and enjoy a day at that beach, I mentioned. The real beauty of mobile living and Adria's Compact seems to have more than enough pizzazz to make it happen whenever and whenever. All you need to figure out now is how to get one over to the US.
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