Add Driving an SUV on the List of Bear Necessities

Bears getting into cars isn't something new. If it happened in a suburb somewhere in Southern Florida, then sure, that might raise a few eyebrows, but in a place called Timberline View Estates? That was probably where the furry creature had its home before the forest was cut down to make room for some real estate.
Subaru SUV attacked by bear 1 photo
Photo: Ron Cornelius
That place is essentially surrounded by mountains, so the bear was probably just out for a stroll one night - you know, it either couldn't sleep or just had a fight with the missus. Or maybe it was just hungry, since keeping a few hundred pounds of meat and fat well fed can be an issue.

Whatever the reason, the bear took a liking to a Subaru Forester SUV sitting on a driveway - it's nice to see somebody still likes them - and broke into the vehicle. There's no point in asking how it did it - suffice to say it was loud enough to wake up the neighbors.

One of them was Ron Cornelius. “Usually, I don’t get up at 5 o’clock unless there is a bear driving a car down the street,” he told the Durango Herald, showing he might have stood a chance if had gone for a standup comedian career.

Coming out of the house, Ron could see the Subaru of his neighbor from across the street propped into his mailbox. He called 911, unaware of what had caused the hubbub or whether it had left the scene. Besides, it's not every day that bears disengage the parking brake and put a car in Neutral all in one go, so Ron was probably thinking more thugs than wild animals at the time.

The police took a close look at the scene and decided it was a bear's doing. The animal couldn't be found as it went out the rear window even before Ron had gotten out of the house, but they did find compelling evidence, not least of which was a giant turd inside the Subaru.

The vehicle also had its steering wheel ripped off the shaft as well as the radio taken out of the dashboard. The rest of the interior was in pretty bad shape as well, and we can only imagine the smell. Actually, we'd rather not.
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