Add A Motor To It: Chevy V8 Barstool

We have to admit that the “Add A Motor To It” show was unknown to us until we found this very interesting post on Ride Lust. It’s about a man with a plan, an Australian man to be more precise.
Kit Anderson saw something interesting when he visited America and thought he could do better. What the V8-powered barstool is better than should be up for debate (we’re thinking Top Gear’s V8 blender or that V8 skateboard) but he definitely has enough horsepower to move mountains, not just the stool itself.

The red thing sticking out like a sore thumb is called a 454 cubic inch Chevrolet V8, that’s a 6.4-liter to you and me. And this isn’t exactly your vanilla sort of lump, as it’s got the full pepperoni and anchovies on top: 480 horsepower and enough torque to pull a really small car... with a barstool?!

Overkill? It’s only got as much power as a Ferrari 430, but no brakes.


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