Action Mobil’s Atacama 7200 Arocs Doubles as an Off Road 6x6 Penthouse

So here you are, planning on crossing the desert on this mobile home tank, but does it have what you need to safely make it back to civilization?
Atacama 7200 Arocs 10 photos
Atacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 ArocsAtacama 7200 Arocs
This three-axel 6x6 drive vehicle is exactly the thing you need to take a really good long trip outside of society. But let’s say you’re a well-off bachelor who’s just looking to get away. So you do it in the 7200 Arocs. But, this might be a bit big to travel alone in, so you talk one of your girlfriends and invite her to a couple of weeks getaway. Didn’t need to ask twice, she’s in.

It all starts on a 6x6 Mercedes Aroc chassis and cab. From there, the chassis is fit with a unit that makes up the home you’ll be carrying around. The size of the entire vehicle is 35.5 ft (10.9 m) and 8 ft (2.47 m) wide, but the penthouse is only 23.6 ft (7.2m) long. With a height of 12.6 ft (3.85 m), space for several amenities exists.

Seeing as how I'm a foodie, the first point of interest is the kitchen. The kitchen block is made from brushed stainless steel and includes a granite counter-top ready to take care of any of your cooking needs. An induction stove-top with four burners and an electric oven give you more cooking possibilities than I have at home. Oh yeah, nearly forgot, the oven has a steam cooker function.

More appliances in the kitchen include a 46-gallon (175 l) fridge and a 39.6-gallon (150 l) freezer. If you like fishing, it’s perfect for your catch to eat on a later date. The only other thing is the dishwasher included. Come on! Really!? A dishwasher? The only dishwashers I've ever owned have been my hands.

Atacama 7200 Arocs
Solid spruce furnishings make up the composition of the furniture. Sure, it may not sound like the most luxurious wood possible but taking into consideration this monster comes in at 17.1-tons, light-weighting was one of the aspects the Action Mobil team focused on and completed with Alcantara upholstery. We can see seating available for a group of up to six, in case you run into any other expeditioners on your journey.

Right behind the dining area we can see the double bed. It sits lifted and at the rear of the Arocs. Throughout the cabin we will also find LED lighting, including around the headboard of the bed.

This vehicle is even large enough to fit a full-size bathroom equipped with toilet sink shower and even a granite countertop. Heated water is provided by diesel and electric systems which also feed underfloor heating.

Atacama 7200 Arocs
We know that the electricity for the 6x6 comes from six lithium-ion batteries, which are hooked up to solar panels on the roof. On full blast, the panels generate 1760 watts. We can guess that this is where the juice comes from for the appliances. History has taught us that out on expedition, you can't rely on just one electrical source of power.

Everybody is aware that water is crucial for life, so the Action Mobil has plenty of it. 211 gallons (800 l) of fresh water, 58 gallons (220 l) of wastewater, a 26-gallon (100 L) toilet tank complete the waterworks.

This entire home is then pulled around by a 510 hp engine that can do another 9.9-ton payload, plus there's a motorcycle lift at the rear to carry any extra toys.

So, what do you think? Does it have what you like? We think it does.


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