Achieve Social Flexing Rankings With $2.7 Million Italian BGX60 Flybridge Yacht

In the world of yachting, rarely does anyone make a more luxurious and tastier vessel that the Italians. One company, Bluegame, is one of these Italian teams that continues to keep the bar set high.
BGX60 Flybridge Yacht 18 photos
BGX60 Flybridge YachtBGX60 Flybridge YachtBGX60 Flybridge YachtBGX60 Flybridge Yacht StateroomBGX60 Flybridge Yacht StateroomBGX60 Flybridge Yacht StateroomBGX60 Flybridge Yacht LobbyBGX60 Flybridge Yacht LobbyBGX60 Flybridge Yacht LobbyBGX60 Flybridge Yacht LobbyBGX60 Flybridge Yacht Wheelhouse and LoungeBGX60 Flybridge Yacht Wheelhouse and LoungeBGX60 Flybridge Yacht Alfresco DiningBGX60 Flybridge Yacht Alfresco DiningBGX60 Flybridge Yacht Bow LoungeBGX60 Flybridge Yacht Hardtop LoungeBGX60 Flybridge Yacht
If you’ve never heard of Bluegame, not to worry, it’s one of the reasons why autoevolution is here, to bring you some of those undiscovered gems. This crew has been around for quite some time, building and focusing most of their attention on flybridge yachts.

Over the years, their expertise has caught the attention of many larger manufacturers, and eventually merged with Sanlorenzo, another Italian luxury yacht builder. One vessel they offer is the BGX60, a yacht worth noting as it’s actually accessible to people who aren’t billionaires.

Still, with a price tag starting at just under $2.8 million (around €2.37 million at current exchange rates), you still need to be ready for this dent in your bank account. However, for this kind of money, do expect a slightly different experience than most of us have been exposed to.

BGX60 Flybridge Yacht
From the start, it should help to know that the BGX60 is a ship that’s made in the style and luxury of its older sibling, the BGX70. If you remember the BGX70, you also remember the massive lobbies and living areas, and the seemingly endless staterooms. Well, those same traits are found here too, but in an even smaller, more accessible package.

Overall, this vessel includes a length of 62.33 ft (19 m), so about 10 ft (3.04 m) shorter than the BGX70, but a maximum number of 14 passengers can fit onto this vessel, and not just standing or partying around but accommodated with bedding.

This is achieved by four decks, of which three are used for private quarters along with dining and some lounging areas. All that is standard, but if you wish to play around with the layout, I’m sure Bluegame would be more than happy to hear how you’d like to spend more bucks building your dream ship.

BGX60 Flybridge Yacht Alfresco Dining
The main attraction of the ship, however, is the main deck. It’s here guests will most likely spend their time as it’s the highest point on the BGX60 and sure to offer the most thrill. At the rear of this deck, a large lounging area equipped with a table for alfresco dining is protected by the hardtop above.

Further into the deck, the lounge is supplemented with a galley and another table, while the wheelhouse is set with instrumentation and equipment. If this area is anything like the BGX70, expect to see carbon fiber and semi-precious metals everywhere.

One feature found aboard this ship, that few other vessels offer, is a nice use of the hardtop above. Here, Bluegame adds access to the lounge pad situated on the hardtop; just perfect for flexing your entry into port or getting that tan you’ve been looking for. Another large lounge is seen at the front of the ship as well, offering a view of what islands you’ll be visiting.

BGX60 Flybridge Yacht Lobby
About the remaining decks, I mentioned that they’re mostly used for sleeping and a tad of lounging. While that’s true, each deck also includes lounges where folks can mingle. One lounge, the one situated below the main deck, features an entry directly onto the beach deck at the rear. As for the beach deck, it’s roomy, assembled using wood, and is perfect for lounges, a tender, some jet skis, and of course, a little party at sea.

Powered by your choice of Penta 1050 D13 or 1200 D13 engines, the BGX60 can reach speed up to 30 knots (34.5 mph), under certain load conditions. Note that load conditions will affect your ship’s range fuel efficiency.

Have a look around at the gallery, the video below, and immediately after, check your bank account to see if you’ve got near $3 million USD hanging around to buy a taste of the luxurious and sought-after Italian lifestyle. If you do, leave a comment with what that lifestyle’s like, and I just may end up publishing an article about you and how this article inspired you to buy a BGX60.


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