Ace Combat 7 Modder Swaps Fighters for Giant Cargo Planes in Hilarious Cut Scene Dogfight

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Photo: Blazededge RZ
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It's always a thrill to discover something we didn't expect to enjoy, and what comes next, another Ace Combat 7 modding, perfectly fits the description. 
Because your tastes line up so exquisitely with some of our own, here's one of the more famous cutscenes in the game, but altered somewhat. Originally, one of the earlier scenes involving arguably the game's main villains, Mister X, engaging in a vicious dogfight against an enemy fighter pilot in his Su-30.
The last time we saw Blaezededge RZ on Youtube modify the scene, he replaced the fighters with Russian and American strategic bombers. Now he sets about one-upping himself in lunacy by adding a C-17 Globemaster and Ilyushin IL-76 super-heavy transport planes.

In real life, the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III weighs in excess of 280,000 pounds (127,005 kg), utterly devoid of cargo. The IL-76 can weigh anywhere from 180 to 200,000 pounds (81,646 to 90,718 kg) at empty.

As advanced and powerful as their modern turbofan engines are, we doubt they could muster the thrust to keep them aloft in some of the post-stall maneuvers that this skilled modder has them doing in this cutscene.

The truth is, most games that have an equivalent console port have the potential to have their files altered on the PC. We see this with games like Grand Theft Auto, Arma, and a slew of others. But what people have been able to get up to with assets available in Ace Combat 7 has us enjoying it in ways we haven't in a long time.

Combine this with the plethora of recently added aircraft, and you get a package that's just as playable as the all-time greats of the series from two calendar decades ago. Now, then, let's get cracking on AC8, shall we? Or at least another campaign mode update, pretty please?

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