AC7 Modder Adds NPC Strategic Bombers to Playable List, Hilarity Ensues

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Photo: Blazededge RZ
Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7
The Ace Combat franchise has historically been exclusive to the console side of gaming. So when PC gamers got their hands on Ace Combat 7, the latest installment in the series, it was only a matter of time before they tried messing around with the game files. What they’ve come up with is as impressive as it is hilarious.
In the standard AC7 experience, the Rockwell B-1 Lancer supersonic strategic bomber is an NPC aircraft not available to the player under any circumstances. It would have been foolish of Project Aces if they assumed PC gamers wouldn’t end up changing that. The Lancer was a playable aircraft in the now-defunct Ace Combat Infinity, after all.

The file-altering extraordinaire that brings us these clips goes by the name of Blazededge RZ on Youtube, and the Lancer is not their only project. One of his other hysterical projects was to add afterburner effects to the engine of an A-10 Warthog. Anyone who knows anything about those planes knows they definitely didn’t come equipped with those in real life.

We have to give props for swapping out two dogfighting fighter planes in one of the game’s cut scenes for a Lancer and a Tupolev Tu-160 Black Jack, an analog to the Lancer both in the game and in real life. The sight of these huge strategic bombers pulling post-stall maneuvers like they were a plane half its size is amusing for at least as long as it takes to re-watch the clip nine or ten times.

And why not cap things off by flying the 146 foot (44.5 m) long and 137 foot (41.8m) span (with wings in forward position) Lancer through the underground tunnel that leads to the space elevator where the player fights the game’s final boss. Keep in mind. This level was designed to be claustrophobic for fighter jets about a third the size of this bomber. It shows an appreciation for the absurdity that absolutely doesn't go unrecognized. Check out Blazededge RZ on Youtube if you want to see more.

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