About Putting Girls on the Wing of a Plymouth Superbird

We have the Tesla Model S, life-saving airbags and powerful turbo engines, but that doesn't mean modern cars are superior in every way to their classic counterparts. Just take the Plymouth Superbird, for instance.
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Photo: Leon Winkowski
Back in the old days, young car-loving men would lift their girlfriends on top of the wing to take photos. It sounds terribly dangerous, but the aero bits of this classic are nowhere near as flimsy as its modern counterparts.

The photo above shows twin sisters Ashley and Kelli and was taken by Leon Winkowski about a year ago. Sure, the rear wing is designed to offer 600 lbs of downforce at the back end, but very few people have tried to take things so literally.

"I loved the idea, but being a car guy, (notably a Mopar one) I thought maybe this was a risky idea... What if we damaged this rare car? These girls are super light, but the wing wasn't really made to be a bench. The girls’ father Dave assured me that he has seen it done before in photos and to go for it," Winkowski says.

Other people had similarly crazy ideas. In the 1996 pop music video Say You'll Be There, director Vaughan Arnell placed the latex clad Victoria Beckham on the wing of a blue Plymouth Superbird (or a replica thereof) with white stripes. Some people say the car is actually a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, but that's not the point here, as we get to see an adult woman can stand upright on the car's wing while wearing heels.

Right, we need to finish this weird story off on a high note. Russian strippers? No, that's too obvious. How about a powerful woman sitting on the wing - after all, we are all about empowerment and equal rights.

Velocity filmed a Superbird restoration over at Graveyard Carz. The owner's significant other just happens to be 2014 South Carolina State Figure Champion Jennifer Liane Hill.

Nowadays, we're amazed by the top speed of the LaFerrari, but can you put a woman on the wing of that thing? Maybe a chihuahua or a small cat.

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