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Abandoned Property Hidden in the Woods Has a Yard Full of Classic Cars
If big piles of derelict cars are your thing, then you definitely need to visit your local junkyard. But scrapyards aren't the only places packed with vehicles that no one wants to save. Some people hoard them in their backyards.

Abandoned Property Hidden in the Woods Has a Yard Full of Classic Cars

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And I'm not talking about people who keep two or three classics, hoping that they will restore them at some point. Nope, I'm talking about full-time hoarders who fill their properties with tens of derelict vehicles. Like the abandoned land you're about to see in the video below.

Documented by "Abandoned World Explorer," this property is located somewhere in the United Kingdom. We don't get specific directions as to where it might be, but it doesn't make a difference because it's hidden in the woods at the edge of a field.

And since it's been abandoned for more than two decades, it's been taken over by mother nature, and it's almost impossible to find if you don't know its exact location.

The property includes an overgrown house and a massive yard that's packed with classic cars. They haven't been touched for decades, so most of them are also buried in vegetation. But interestingly enough, some of them have been covered (almost entirely) with rocks, bricks, and sheets of metal.

That's an unusual thing to do, but local legend has it the owner was obsessed with the idea that World War III was coming. And for some reason, he thought that it would drive the scrap metal price through the roof. So perhaps he was trying to conceal the cars until the time was right to dismantle them and sell everything to get rich.

Needless to say, World War III never came, the guy passed away, and the property remained abandoned for more than 20 years.

Come 2022, and it's like a time capsule littered with derelict cars that are bound to rot away. And while none of them are particularly rare and valuable, the previous owner amassed an interesting collection, to say the least.

On top of the mundane British cars and vans we usually see in places like this, this yard is also home to a Triumph TR7 sports car, a Morris Minor Traveller, and an old Toyota Land Cruiser (most likely a J40).

But I also spotted a Wolseley in a small barn. It's difficult to identify it through all the vegetation and debris, but it could be a Six model from the early 1970s. But what's important here is that Wolseleys aren't very common in 2022. Established in 1901, this British brand went belly up in 1975 while under British Leyland ownership.

Speaking of cars you don't see too often, the property is also home to an old Peugeot pickup, which, amazingly enough, is still in one piece. And I also spotted a first-generation BMW 3 Series, perhaps the most desirable classic parked here.

Yup, I'm talking about the E21 that arrived in 1975 to replace the 02 Series (New Class) and kickstarted the nameplate that became one of the most iconic compact cars out there.

Built until 1983, the E21 3 Series did not spawn an M3, but it included a sporty 323i model with 141 PS (139 HP) and a rare Baur top-cabriolet. Unfortunately, our host couldn't get too close to the Bimmer abandoned here, and its condition remains a mystery.

But after almost two decades of exposure to the elements and Britain's moist weather, it's safe to say that none of these cars are worth saving. Simply because restoring them would be too expensive relative to their market values.

But even so, it's an interesting exploration that includes many mysteries in the form of classic cars completely hidden from sight. Hit the play button below to check them out.

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