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Abandoned Property Hidden From Civilization Is Loaded With Derelict Cars

While some people hoard old, derelict cars in their backyards, others store them on fields and operate junkyards. And we've seen plenty of them around. Well, here's a hoard of junked automobiles that's a bit unusual. Simply because they're parked on a hill that appears to be almost completely isolated from the world.
abandoned junkyard in the U.K. 7 photos
abandoned junkyard in the U.K.abandoned junkyard in the U.K.abandoned junkyard in the U.K.abandoned junkyard in the U.K.abandoned junkyard in the U.K.abandoned junkyard in the U.K.
Located somewhere in the U.K. (there's no info on its precise coordinates), this property is loaded with cars, all while having no usable roads in and out. Other than muddy forest paths covered in vegetation, that is. So how did all these cars get here?

Because while some look like they were running when parked, others showcase serious damage. Hauling them here must have been quite a hurdle. Not to mention that some vehicles look like they've been dropped out of the sky.

Now I'm not saying it's impossible to haul cars up a hill in not-so-friendly conditions. It's doable, and someone obviously worked really hard to get them here. But the big question is, "why?" Because it sure looks like they were abandoned not so long after they were scattered around the property. Well, I guess we have a mystery on our hands. One that we won't solve anytime soon.

But are any of these cars worth saving? For starters, most of them are relatively modern vehicles built in the 1990s. They're not exactly collectors' items, so I guess they could only be used for spare parts. But I spotted a few interesting cars, starting with a Morris Minor.

It appears to be part of the Series III lineage, which was produced from 1956 to 1971. It's far from rare since Morris built more than 800,000 of them, but it's one of those cute British classics that I always enjoy seeing on the road.

There's also an old Land Rover Series pickup truck in there, but it's in even worse condition than the Morris. Definitely too damaged to restore without spending a fortune due to decades of exposure to the elements.

Other highlights include a Volvo 240 and a Mitsubishi FTO. Yes, nothing to get overly excited about, but I haven't seen an FTO in a very long time.

If you're not familiar with this sports compact, it was produced from 1994 to 2000 and sold with an inline-four and a V6. The latter came with 197 horsepower in range-topping trim, which wasn't all that bad for the 1990s.
It was originally planned as a Japan-only model, but it quickly became a popular grey market import in the United Kingdom. Mitsubishi discontinued the FTO after seven years and almost 37,000 units sold.

All told, while this abandoned place doesn't hide a fortune, it's still an interesting find that shows the lengths some people go through to hoard derelict cars.

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