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Abandoned Millionaire's Mansion Has a Yard Full of Classic Cars

It doesn't happen as often, but just like cars, houses do get abandoned. And sometimes, for whatever reason, people just leave everything behind. This estate is one of those places and it comes with a yard full of classic cars.
abandoned mansion in the U.K. 6 photos
abandoned mansion in the U.K.abandoned mansion in the U.K.abandoned mansion in the U.K.abandoned mansion in the U.K.abandoned mansion in the U.K.
Documented by YouTube's "Steve Ronin," this house is located somewhere in the U.K. and it's somewhat of a mystery. The story goes that the mansion once belonged to a famous artist from the 18th century and it was then inherited by a wealthy heiress that died in 1914.

The estate remained abandoned until it was auctioned in 1952 but it was sold again in 1958. Converted into a hotel and a pony trekking center, it operated as a tourist attraction for some 25 years. It was then bought by a businessman from London who left the place abandoned for 15 years.

Surprisingly enough, the mansion is still in good condition overall, especially on the inside. Most of the furniture is still in place and some rooms look like they could be inhabited right away. Luckily enough, the place wasn't ransacked.

Some rooms include evidence that the house was abandoned in a rush. There's a tea set laid out on a table, an ashtray with cigarette butts, and even a few bottles of alcohol here and there. The fully equipped kitchen is also intact.

But one of the previous owners also had a thing for the Ford Escort. Because only that would explain the fact that the yard is packed with them. And I'm talking about first-generation Escort, the one that's harder to find right. It's not exactly super-rare, but it's a shame to see them wasting away in there.

There are four or five of them, but they're in such bad shape that no one will want to restore them. And while some have been stripped off, others have rotted away and fallen apart after decades of exposure to the elements.

The yard also includes a very early Land Rover Defender. We don't get to see too much of it, but it's safe to say that it's in no better shape than the Escorts. Finally, an unidentified car from the 1960s is also rotting away here. I'm tempted to say it's an MG, but there's no way I can be sure about it. The car is a complete wreck.

While it's always cool to find classic cars on abandoned properties, it's quite sad when they're in an advanced state of decay, with absolutely no chance to be saved. What a terrible fate.

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