Abandoned Log Cabin Has a Yard Full of Classic Cars, Rare Diesel Gem Included

While many classic cars spend their retirement years being paraded at high-class events, the majority of them are actually rotting away with no prospect of being saved. You'll find them in the many junkyards that are operating in the U.S., but some of them aren't even that lucky to be seen by gearheads that could at least use them for parts.
classic cars on abandoned property 8 photos
Photo: Noah.Nowhere/YouTube
classic cars on abandoned propertyclassic cars on abandoned propertyclassic cars on abandoned propertyclassic cars on abandoned propertyclassic cars on abandoned propertyclassic cars on abandoned propertyclassic cars on abandoned property
Because some classics were left to rust on properties that had been abandoned years or even decades ago. These cars are usually parked outside, which means they've been reclaimed by nature and are difficult to find. And most of the time, saving them is not even an option. The property you're about to see below includes such automobiles. And it's a sad sight.

Documented by "Noah.Nowhere," this place remains a mystery as far as its exact location goes. But the host says it's on a massive piece of land and includes not only a log cabin but also a barn and even a workshop. It might have been a farm at some point, but it doesn't really matter now because it's been abandoned for a few good years.

The story goes that the current owner purchased the property sometime in 2006, intending to fix it and make it livable again. However, after living in the camper on the property for years, he abandoned the land for good in 2019.

Three years later and the house sits with the power still on, but it's a complete mess. On top of that, everything was left behind, including a bunch of classic cars.

classic cars on abandoned property
Photo: Noah.Nowhere/YouTube
Most of them are buried in vegetation, so they're really tough to spot. But the long walk around below uncovers every single car rotting away in here. And it seems there are about eight of them.

And apparently, the previous owner had a thing for certain types of vehicles. That's because he used to have three different vans, including a pair of Ford Econolines and a pair of Volkswagen Jettas.

One of them appears to be a second-generation model, which isn't particularly rare or desirable, but the other is a first-gen variant. Not that early 1980s Jettas are worth much nowadays, but this one's not a regular compact. What makes it special? Well, it has a diesel engine under the hood.

While diesel-powered passenger cars were never very popular in the U.S., they had a few good years in the late 1970s and early 1980s. That's when Volkswagen offered diesel versions of the Rabbit (Golf), Dasher (Passat), and Jetta in North America.

classic cars on abandoned property
Photo: Noah.Nowhere/YouTube
They were severely underpowered and went into the history books rather quickly, but they live on as reminders that diesel engines actually had a shot on this side of the Atlantic. Not that anyone cares or wants to restore one nowadays, but diesel-powered Jetta Mk1s are hard to find. Sadly, this one's in really bad shape.

The previous owner was also a fan of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, having driven two of them before he left this property behind. Don't get too excited, though. I'm not talking about the first-gen model from the golden muscle car era. The Monte Carlos parked here are of the third-generation, G-body variety.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but these Malaise-era coupes aren't as desirable as their predecessors.

But much like the Volkswagens and the vans, these Chevrolets have seen better days and are not worth restoring. But the really sad part is that they will continue to sit fully exposed to the elements until they become nothing more than big piles of rusty metal. If you could, which car would you save? I'd go for the two-tone Monte Carlo.

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