Abandoned Forest Junkyard Is a Classic Car Ghost Town Packed With Rare Gems

The junkyard is the place to go if you need spare parts for classic cars or even a project to restore. But that works if the scrapyard in question is still running. The one you're about to see below has been abandoned years ago, and it's pretty much a classic car ghost town.
abandoned forest junkyard 16 photos
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But while it may look like a stash of old cars that someone abandoned in the woods, it actually hides a few rare gems. Sadly, the folks over at YouTube's "Past Life Explorer," who documented this place, do not provide details as to where it is located. So its whereabouts remain a mystery.

The video kicks off with a really cool BMW 2002, a car you don't see too often nowadays, but it's the Studebaker Hawk that pops up at the 2:38-minute mark that grabbed my attention.

Granted, it's not an extremely rare classic, but it's one of my favorite designs from Studebaker. And the company made about seven different versions of the Hawk.

I can't tell which one is it, but someone moved the turn signals from the top of the fenders to the lower fascia. But a second one with no aftermarket modifications shows up later in the walkaround.

abandoned forest junkyard
And the Hawk is not the only Studebaker in this junkyard. I'm pretty sure I spotted two or three Champions from the mid-1950s, all in pretty rough condition.

If you're a fan of cars from discontinued brands, you'll also see a Kaiser Henry J. Built by Kaiser Motors from 1950 to 1954, it's one of the first compact vehicles designed in the U.S. And the one found here is one of the early versions, without a trunk lid.

It's not exactly valuable, but it's the kind of car you'll only see in a museum and at Kaiser fan club meetings. An even smaller Nash Metropolitan pops up toward the end of the tour.

Moving onto more valuable cars, someone abandoned a Jaguar E-Type in this junkyard. And that's a big deal because E-Types cost a lot of money, even when they're in bad shape. Granted, we don't know what year it is and if it still has an engine, but it's puzzling to see one rotting away in the woods.

abandoned forest junkyard
A couple of Porsches are also spending their retirement years here. No, they're not of the rare first-generation 911 variety, but front-engined 924 and 944 sports cars are nothing to sneeze at either. And I'm not talking about a mundane 924. The car parked here seems to be a Turbo model, which is much rarer than the regular 924 (less than 10% of total production).

Speaking of German cars, you'll also see a few Volkswagen Beetles, a Karmann Ghia, and at least a couple of vintage Mercedes-Benz sedans. And one of them is a Ponton-series model, most likely built in the late 1950s.

On top of these rarer-than-usual classics, the junkyard is populated by common American cars from the past, including Chevrolet Tri-Fives, DeSotos, Ford Thunderbirds, and a handful of Impalas. I also spotted a Lincoln Premiere, a short-lived nameplate I'm very fond of due to its unique design.

The list goes on with several classics from the 1930s and 1940s. Some are damaged beyond recognition, but you'll see familiar "faces" from Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, and even Packard.

abandoned forest junkyard
There's also a late 1940s Diamond T truck. It's in rough condition, but still in one piece and even worth saving.

And make no mistake, these haulers are far from cheap. I've seen a rusty Diamond T change hands for $30,000 at auction in early 2022, while restored examples can fetch anywhere between $60,000 and $90,000 depending on specs.

But the Diamond T is not the only truck abandoned here. The property is also home to a few classic pickups and heavy-duty haulers, as well as more than a handful of tractors. This junkyard includes quite a few boats too.

While most vehicles parked here are too rough to have a future on the road, some of them are definitely worth saving. If only we knew where this junkyard is located and if the owner is willing to let them go. If this place looks familiar and you know more about it, drop us a line in the comments box below.

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