AAA Study Finds 30 Million Americans Might Buy an EV In the Next Five Years

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Electric vehicles are not as popular as they could be, but a new poll shows that they have potential.
A survey made by the AAA has revealed that approximately one in seven Americans is interested in replacing his or her current automobile with an electric vehicle within the next three-to-five years.

The same proportion of respondents said that they want to get a pickup truck, while the rest probably want to buy SUVs, hatchbacks, and sports cars.

Range anxiety is the only thing that makes drivers hesitant, even though the average round-trip commute has a length of 31 miles (49 km), and it is finished in 46 minutes, well within the capabilities of most electric vehicles on the market.

While it may not seem like something important at the moment, the increased popularity of electric cars is a good sign for the future of this category of automobile.

Matching the popularity of a pickup truck in the USA is not easy, and you must remember that the Ford F-150 is the best-selling vehicle on that market.

If you put the two paragraphs above together, you begin to see that Elon Musk was not making a complicated prank when he said that Tesla is considering a pick-up truck.

Who knows, with the right recipe, Tesla might have another group of “one-in-seven” Americans who want to buy one of its products. Do not place bets on this happening soon, but avoid doing the opposite.

About one in five of all millennials polled by the AAA said that their next vehicle would “probably be” an EV, which is also a good starting point for this category of automobile.

Evidently, you cannot have everyone wanting to get an electric car just like that, and we might not reach 100% percent on this ever, but people are getting very interested in zero tailpipe emission solutions to driving.

Hybrids are also attractive, with nearly one-third of respondents claimed to be interested in buying a gasoline-and-battery powered vehicle.

Fuel economy was considered the most influential factor in a new car by 70% of all the people who replied, and it beat safety technology, brand, style, color, design, and smartphone connectivity.

The Triple-A has about 57 million members, but it is unclear how many of them were asked on this subject. They did say that “more than 30 million Americans” are likely to buy an EV for their next car.
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