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A Pickup Truck Driver Stops To Unplug a Random Tesla, Car's Owner Was Napping Inside

A pickup truck driver thought it would be a good idea to unplug a random Tesla from charging. What he didn’t know was that the car’s owner was taking a nap inside the EV. This happened in a carpool lot on Highway 401 in Campbellville, Canada. Here’s how everything unfolded.
The Truck Driver that Stopped to Unplug the Tesla Model 3 from Charging 10 photos
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Tesla drivers and other EV owners are still subject to vandalism. The proof is this video that just surfaced online. It shows a truck owner stopping for no reason whatsoever other than just to unplug a Tesla from charging.

The all-electric car wasn’t occupying someone’s reserved space or overstaying after its battery was full again. Nonetheless, the truck driver wanted to disconnect the vehicle from the charger. The unidentified man stops in front of the Model 3 and makes his way onto the plug, even though the Sentry camera system had already activated by itself. It even flashed its headlights and turned on the blinkers signaling that a video recording had started.

The truck driver disregarded the fact that the parked car started to capture what was happening around it, or maybe he didn’t even know this is a possibility. He then headed straight to the charging port and started messing with it.

The footage stops right as he starts pulling the no-padlock charger out of the car – for a good reason. The owner was inside! The Tesla picked up his phone’s signal and didn’t continue the recording. Camp Mode wasn't enabled.

Fortunately, the guy sleeping inside woke up and opened the door. He says on the popular platform Reddit that he noticed something being off, looked outside, and saw someone messing with his car. That’s when he threw the blanket off, opened the door, and screamed at the man, “put my thing back in,” but the culprit was already going to his truck after he saw that someone was in the EV. The situation didn’t escalate any further.

The brand-new Model 3 Performance was being charged at a 7-kWh charger that’s offered for free in some Canadian carpool lots. These spaces are known as Park&Ride in the U.S.

In a world where we all understand that we must act against climate change, there are still people who want to punish those that made the first step and bought, financed, or leased a zero-emission car.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story wrongly identified the truck as being a Ford F-150.


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