A Tiny Oasis of Peace, the Two-Loft Kokako Feels Like a Much Larger Home

Step inside the peaceful oasis inside the Kokako tiny house 14 photos
Photo: Build Tiny
Kokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny HouseKokako Tiny House
It’s incredible how the choice of materials and color palette can influence the overall feel of a house that’s really tiny. In the case of Kokako, one of the latest models by Build Tiny, the atmosphere is that of a Japanese teahouse or a soft cocoon. But don’t be fooled – at the same time, this cleverly-configured space is a perfect family home.
What are the things that make Build Tiny such a popular manufacturer in the world of tiny living? First of all, this brand only delivers houses that are custom designed and built. The customer is involved right from the design stage, so that the result can perfectly suit their needs and wants. What this means is also that each Build Tiny home is unique, even if they all share certain features.

Next, this New Zealand-based builder doesn’t just use any material that’s available. It chooses those with the lowest-possible environmental impact, which are available locally, and which are also durable.

For example, its houses have plywood floors made from treated pine tongue and groove plywood, with a steel frame instead of a conventional timber one, because it’s lighter. And even the steel is produced through a low-waste process, and it’s 100% recyclable.

Another particularity is that these houses are built on custom-made, detachable trailers. Made by the local Bay Engineering Solutions (BES) for Build Tiny, they consist of a chassis and deck that are locked together.

Kokako Tiny House
Photo: Build Tiny
The main benefit of that is a simplified and fast process of detaching the trailer, using just hand-operating lifting jacks. Plus, this allows the trailer to be used for something else when it’s not needed for the tiny house, and also to be serviced regularly.

Back to the Kokako, in addition to all of these benefits, this tiny home on wheels is one of the most calming and relaxing we’ve ever seen. The timber walls, birch ply flooring, and the unique bamboo benchtops in the kitchen create this feeling. The neutral color palette in light, earthy tones also plays its part in that.

This beautiful oasis on wheels was created by Karen Flett, one of the two designers at Build Tiny, and its name seems to be inspired by a type of forest bird in New Zealand, which many Maori considered sacred.

Kokako is just 8 meters long (26 feet), 4.3 meters high (14 feet), and 2.4 meters wide (7.8 feet), yet it’s big enough to include two loft bedrooms and a generous living area.

Kokako Tiny House
Photo: Build Tiny
Stepping inside, you notice the living area nestled at one end of the house. It doesn’t have the typical configuration – it’s oriented towards the other end of the house, more like a reading nook next to a window, instead of facing one. This frees up more space for a coffee table and chairs, while also making it feel more intimate.

Moving to the kitchen, the lovely bamboo countertop perfectly integrates all the basics, while also extending into a breakfast bar with two stools. The full-size fridge is seamlessly integrated on the opposite side, next to a generous cabinet. You’d be surprised at how many storage solutions were cleverly added without crowding the kitchen area.

The bathroom sits right at the end, revealing a square shower enclosure and a washing machine, in addition to the toilet and sink – it’s pretty much the best that you can do with such a small space, while still keeping things minimalistic and simple.

The staircase also doubles as a generous storage area, and leads to one of the two bedrooms, while the other one can be accessed via the ladder next to the living area. The same feeling of peace and relaxation is prevalent in the loft rooms.

Kokako Tiny House
Photo: Build Tiny
Cozy, large beds dominate the space, while the large windows bring in enough natural light and fresh air. There’s not much room left for anything else, but it’s enough for these minimalistic bedrooms.

Beautifully designed, Kokako also turns out to be one of the most functional tiny homes, with a clever configuration. The unusual orientation of the living area allows more space for the extra-long kitchen countertop. There are plenty of storage solutions throughout, and both bedrooms look comfy and inviting.

For a playful full tour of this tiny house, make sure to visit Build Tiny.
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