A Supercar with “Adaptive Autopilot” and a Drone Landing Pad Is Coming to CES 2016

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Photo: Rinspeed
You’re a proud owner of a supercar. It sounds, drives and feels perfect. What’s missing? A drone that has its own landing pad on the rear end. Oh, right! What else? An intuitive, adaptive autopilot capable of learning your ways and take over the car when you wish so. Wait, what?
All these may be part of some petrolheads’ projection of Neverland, but we’re no Peter Pan, and we don't need any Tinker Bell either. This is the real world, that of bills coming in monthly, long hours at work and the dream of owning a supercar that keeps us going. However, if that is what you think, you’re in for a great surprise.

Swiss "powerhouse of ideas" Rinspeed is the team working on that revelation, and they claim all the features mentioned above will be unveiled next year, in January, at the 2016 Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. Let us listen to the company’s leader Frank M. Rinderknecht for a sec:

“The major and especially the disruptive innovations in future automotive engineering will come from the digital realm. That is why all major manufacturers and suppliers are now present at the CES Consumer Electronic Show.”

Right. It’s called ©tos, and it’s a supercar that comes with several jaw-dropping elements. In autonomous mode, the steering wheel folds up elegantly and retracts completely into the dashboard. The two curved wide screens individually move closer to the occupants to provide a better view.

The drone has its own landing pad on the rear end. Besides many other features, it could allegedly fetch a bouquet of flowers the driver ordered online and even deliver it directly to the recipient. Of course, it could also take a video of the wild ride on the favorite fun road and stream it live.

“©tos” uses the innovative Harman Connected Car technologies. It’s just like a personal assistant, as the system operates in a thinking, courteous and anticipatory manner.

Furthermore, the spectacle continues with a key feature that makes the word entertainment deserve its meaning: a drone. Why? Well, Rinspeed says it’s there to provide the passengers with a unique infotainment experience.

Again. What?
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