A Super Yacht with a Transport Drone, Gardens, Submarines and Solar Power

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Photo: Feadship
Escape YachtEscape YachtEscape YachtEscape YachtEscape YachtEscape Yacht
We all know that yacht design is just getting more and more out of hand. But some builders and designers out there are still into making down-to-earth vessels with just a pinch of dreams.
One of these builders is Feadship. They have been around since 1949, but family ties date back to the 1800s. They are currently known for making some of the most luxurious and craftable vessels around.

This time we are shown a ship known as the Escape. Once you get to know how it looks, what sort of spaces and functions it offers its guests, you will understand that the name is very befitting. So that we have a better understanding as to the sort of needs this dream boat is meant to fulfill, take into consideration that it’s designed for a rock star type of client.

The entire ship comes in at 360 ft. (110m) giving it’s would be client a huge amount of space in which to create the exact interior they are looking for. But that’s not to say the Escape isn’t already built with an interior in mind.

Escape Yacht
Photo: Feadship
But, before we dive inside, let's have a look at the exterior design. We can see the entire ship is set in a darker tone than most other yachts. The initial gunmetal hull and superstructure stand out for the black grid we see atop each deck. That black grid we see are nothing more than over 765 sq yd (700 sq m) of solar paneling. All of it is supposed to generate over 133 kW of energy.

All that energy is used to run electrical components such as lighting, AC and heating units and the hybrid propulsion systems. A few other systems also offer the Escape 35% less fuel consumption than standard ships, but we’ll cover those with the concept Feadship created them for known as the Breathe.

Inside the ship however, Feadship only added a few signature touches to set this vessel apart from all others. In doing so, they allow for a would-be client’s input into the interior layout and spaces. But one of the main features on the Escape are the huge garden and atrium areas.

The garden areas are a main point of relaxation abord the ship and come equipped with large lounging pads and glass ceilings to give guests a soothing ambience. To extend the feel of nature and plants throughout the ship, we can find small gardens set-up in central points which are filled with fresh vegetables and herbs. Near these areas we are also sure to find spa and wellness centers just in tune with the rest of the vessel's vibe.

Escape Yacht
Photo: Feadship
The midship atrium, however, includes the main element of your trip, water. Here, the designers included a moon pool which can be observed from all decks of the ship and is supposed to include waterslides. But this pool is much more than that. Another function of it is to access as a point of entry aboard the ship via submersible. True, the designers included the toy as well to take you out to reefs and explore the local sea-life. Another feature we are starting to see more and more of are glass floors. One is found aboard this dream as well as part of the moon pool.

One fun factor on the ship is found near the bow and actually lays hidden until you want it. A personal drone or VTOL, as they are known, is found aboard the designs. This aspect is one toy that is unlike any other found on Feadship vessels, or any other for that matter. But, to bring something recognizable onto the scene, this device is known as a myCopter.

If that isn’t enough to meet your needs, then frankly I think Feadship may have found their hardest customer yet. But then again, being the concept it is, we may actually never see it. Rarely do vessels like these hit international waters.
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