A Story about Living: Navin’s BMW E46 323i

Narvin's BMW Story 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
A lot of people overlook how important cars are for a true gearhead. It’s easy to do that as most dismiss cars as just objects, things that you use for one purpose or the other. Well, Navin’s story might show you a thing or two about the significance a car can have.
One of the couple BMW stories out there, Navin’s testimony talks not only about the passion for a certain model but more about a reason to feel alive.

He was born with a heart condition and wasn’t given a lot of hope for a normal future. Having these problems, his whole life he was sheltered by his parents, friends and family and was basically kept in a cocoon.

Growing older, he decided to take matters into his own hands and decided to do so by buying a car. It had to be a fun car, one that would get his sensible heart pumping, one that would show him what it actually means to be alive.

He went for a BMW E46 323i, the one car he thought would fit his needs. Driving it felt like a liberation, an escape from a cage that his loved ones laid around him out of love, nothing else.

Over time, he decided to have his car display the one material that helps him stay alive today: carbon fiber. His artificial heart uses it, and it was only fit to add it to his ride. Therefore, he added the lightweight material everywhere he could, from the steering wheel to the seatbacks and even the outside of the car.

From top to bottom, this story is one of survival, passion, and living. It might be short, but it’s inspiring nonetheless.

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