A Steampunk Sidecar Bike, Please

The steampunk culture has something magic about it, but pinpointing exactly what makes people turn their heads for these artifacts still eludes me. In a way, it might be the very same thing which makes the hearts of some riders beat faster at the sight of a retro bike.
Steampunk Sidecar 4 photos
Steampunk SidecarSteampunk SidecarSteampunk Sidecar
What’s even cooler about steampunk is the complete freedom to create. While functionality and comfort are very important when designing steampunk apparel, this is not a first-hand pre-requisite for steampunk vehicles. Everything goes, I may add.

Marco Fulrlanetto nis an Italian artist who is not afraid to experiment, and such an asset can work miracles in the steampunk world. And taking a look at his uncanny sidecar is juts the best way to prove me right.
Still, Furlanetto’s design retains the basic functionality and minimal cycling principles, even though imagining such a contraption passing me on the highway is a bit far-fetched. Honestly, it’s interesting to check with some guys who know their way around monowheel dynamics and ask them whether such a project has any chances.

Turning seems to be a problem as speed increases, and I’m not sure on the braking power of this sidecar machine. Yet it might be just a very fashionable way to enjoy slow-paced rides around huge parks surrounding an equally-steampunk manor. And why not thinking of endowing this bike with turn signals and all the needed lights and make it street-legal. I guess riding it to a steampunk party with your significant other would be very hard to beat.

Cannot wait for Marco Furlanetto to finish revamping his new website and get a better glimpse into his digital steampunk motorcycle CG art. Need help with those brass pipes, Marco?

Thanks Andrei DRC for the tip.


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