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A Roundabout Near the Nordschleife Is Making the Legendary Track Envious

Putting a roundabout right next to a place where people race their cars and telling them it's illegal to drift there is like taking an art lover to an exhibition but asking him to keep his eyes shut.
Drifting in a roundabout near Nordschleife 1 photo
It's cruel and it kind of defeats the purpose. Don't get us wrong, the purpose of a roundabout isn't to provide people with the best conditions for sliding their cars around, but you get the point. It's like showing a kid a piece of candy and then putting it on the top shelf where he can't reach it. Why show it to him in the first place, then?

Well, kids have ways, and so do people who come to test their abilities on the Nordschleife, so just as candy isn't safe no matter how high the shelf, weekend racers will find a way to drift around a roundabout.

Just as the daylight was breaking on the morning of January 16, a group of people driving all sorts of cars took full advantage of the thin layer of snow covering the asphalt and began powersliding through the round intersection. Or, at least, trying to.

Since most of them are German, you'll notice that even when they break the law, they do it with consideration. Almost none of the drivers goes through the roundabout more than they need to. They get off at precisely the exit they wanted to in the first place, it's just how they get there that's not to the Polizei's liking.

But the officers of the law are nowhere to be seen, and given the early hours of a peaceful Saturday morning, we doubt there was anyone around to report this German-level hooligan behavior. Not to mention that the wet road surface prevented the tires from screeching, thus attracting even less unwanted attention. On the other hand, it also makes for a pretty bizarre viewing. It's only now that you realize the sound and the smoke make for more than half the excitement of seeing cars drifting. It's like watching ballet without the music. 

In the end, some of the drivers decided that illegal slides in roundabouts are too much for them. So they proceeded to do illegal drifts on a nearby field.


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