A Road Rage Story Which Will Most Likely End in Jail – Video

A raod rage story which will end in jail 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
While we thought that dashboard and helmet cams became so popular in the former Soviet space because of the recklessness of the motorists there, it looks like other places are starting to be just the same, even though at a much smaller scale. However, we know that watching this video will cause a lot of riders at least considering getting a dash or helmet cam, if not putting it on the “must buy” spring list.
Long story short, three riders pass a car which was swerving on the highway, but it looks like the driver did not like this maneuver that much, despite the fact that the motorcycles did nothing to hinder or piss the guy off. As speed increases, the driver becomes even more aggressive, passing the camera bike at an unhealthily small distance and brake checking it.

The rider points out at his helmet cam, hoping that the aggressive driver would put an end to his or her recklessness, but to no avail. After signaling the other bikers and telling them about the plans to exit the highway, the guy wearing the camera, who was also the father of one of the other riders is followed by the driver. He loses the car and upon returning to the point where he had also lost his son, finds that the driver has also taken his down.

Thankfully, full leathers and the low speed have not caused him injuries, and the boy is safe and sound. With the whole thing recorded by the camera and the registration plate in the view, too, someone’s most likely going to the slammer.

So what will it be? The classic GoPro recipe, the Drift, others? PS: the video is 7-minute long but well worth watching.

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