A Quirky Design Solution Makes This Gorgeous Two-Loft Tiny Family Perfect

Don't be fooled by this tiny house's rustic appearance. Once inside, you'll be surprised to discover a modern design that perfectly fits the needs of a family or a couple who would like to enjoy more space. Created out of a pure passion for mobile living, tiny house Portugal is wonderfully spacious, open to the outdoors, and fully reliable thanks to a top-quality trailer.
The Portugal tiny house features two loft bedrooms and a double-sided kitchen 14 photos
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
Portugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny HousePortugal Tiny House
Tiny houses with two upstairs bedrooms are one of the most luxurious options when it comes to mobile living. This configuration allows comfy accommodation for a family of four while freeing up more space downstairs, which translates to a larger living room and flexible storage. In the case of tiny house Portugal, the extra main floor space is also used to add a separate dining table, making this house feel even more like a home.

This design's name has a special meaning for Uwe Bosshammer, founder of the Tinyhouse-World brand. More than a decade ago, he ditched conventional living in his home country, Germany, in favor of a Volkswagen van. He loved this new lifestyle so much that he wasn't willing to quit it even when his family grew significantly.

Uwe and his family eventually transitioned from van life to tiny living – a tiny house on wheels turned out to be the best solution. Today, Uwe builds, rents, and sells tiny homes in Portugal near Peniche, allowing others to also experience the freedom of alternative housing.

Portugal Tiny House
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
The Portugal tiny house was designed as the perfect option for families or couples who simply prefer to have more space. One of its main characteristics, in addition to the two loft bedrooms, is the so-called two-sided kitchen, with appliances and the main furniture on one side and a separate dining table with generous seating on the opposite side.

You might think this type of kitchen would leave little room for the living area, but that's not the case. Luckily, Portugal boasts a wonderful lounge area that seems to connect with the outdoors, thanks to multiple large windows and glass doors.

This part of the house is surprisingly luminous and airy – it almost feels like you're outside, yet perfectly protected from the elements. A large sofa, big enough for the whole family, dominates the room, accompanied by a TV, a beautifully-crafted table, and other décor elements.

How can a two-loft bedroom tiny house flaunt such a generous main floor layout? The key element is the unconventional staircase design. This type of house normally includes either two staircases or a staircase and a ladder for accessing the bedrooms.

Portugal Tiny House
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
In both cases, this takes up considerable space. Portugal is different. A piece of furniture with integrated storage space cleverly separates the kitchen from the living room, also doubling as a chunky staircase. Separate ladders extend from it on each side.

It might look a bit uncomfortable to have a partial ladder above the kitchen countertop and another above the living room shelves, but it works great. Thanks to this quirky interpretation of a staircase, future owners can easily access the loft areas while still enjoying the benefits of a very generous main floor area.

With this unusual layout, Portugal can include multiple large shelves in the living room, something you rarely see in tiny homes, and plenty of separate dining space in the kitchen. What could be better than enjoying meals together as a family, sitting at a beautiful table in front of a large window? It's the little things that make a house (even one on wheels) feel like home.

The bathroom is compact but equipped with all the basics, including a full-size shower and a stylish vanity. One of the bedrooms can be turned into a children's room (it has enough space for two beds) or even a home office for couples who work remotely. The tiny house comes with a fridge, a gas stove, and solar panels.

Portugal Tiny House
Photo: Tinyhouse-World
Last but not least, a beautiful covered deck, entirely crafted from wood, is the cherry on top. It helps Portugal open up to its surroundings even more, and it encourages socializing. With this cool addition, tiny house Portugal becomes stylish and ultra-welcoming both inside and out.

Size-wise, Portugal is part of the brand's standard range, built on a trailer totaling 8.7 x 2.55 x 5.2 meters (28.5 x 8.2 x 17 feet). This is the 720 trailer from Vlemmix, known as an expert in the tiny house industry. Vlemmix claims to have produced the first dedicated tiny house trailers in Europe back in 2016. The 720 trailer is one of its most popular models, ideal for the middle segment. It boasts remarkable structural accuracy and durability.

As for pricing, the Portugal tiny house comes with a €38,000 ($40,700) price tag without customizations. The best part is that folks in Portugal can literally try it out before committing to a purchase. Some Tinyhouse-World homes are also available for rent locally, which could be the first step before deciding to live permanently in a house on wheels. Uwe found that tiny houses are the best mix between conventional housing and van life, and he encourages everyone to experience this lifestyle.
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