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A Quarter of a Million Bikers Heading for Sturgis Like There’s No Tomorrow

The size and reach of the current health crisis is unprecedented in our generation. An invisible, yet potentially deadly enemy has forever changed our lives, including by robbing us of the simple joys we took for granted until now.
Hundreds of thousands expected in Sturgis despite health crisis 5 photos
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We’re no longer going to theaters, we can’t even remember when was the last time we heard about a live concert, and motorsports events across the world are now being held with empty stands, because large crowds are dangerous.

So when hearing about 250,000 people expected to flock into the same place at the same time, you can either be happy people are still having fun, or dread the statistics that could make the headlines a couple of weeks from now.

The Sturgis rally kicks off this weekend, and organizers expect about 250,000 visitors (that’s about half the size of the usual attendance) to the small South Dakota city. Some of locals fear for their health and wish the rally would have been canceled months ago, or at least postponed, while others are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the money the bikers would be spending while in town.

Trying to prevent possible problems, the city of Sturgis already announced some of the events it usually backed and sponsored for the duration of the rally have been canceled.

Yet, authorities are doing their best to welcome the visitors, as usual. Already traffic restrictions are in place, and there’s even a dedicated rally app to provide users with “all the information needed to stay current with activities taking place during the 80th Anniversary event.“ That includes information related to entertainment, shopping, lodging, dining, parking, event history and it is probably a must-have in these times of need.

The Sturgis Rally first took place in 1938, when a bunch on Indian Motorcycles riders called Jackpine Gypsies came together in South Dakota. Since then, the event has grown into one, if not the most important one of its kind in the U.S.

Regardless of the number of people attending this year, the 2020 Sturgis Rally will probably be the largest public gathering in the country so far this year.


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