A Puddle, a Tesla Model S, and the Summon Function Add Up to a Lot of Happiness

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One night, Tesla quietly inserted the Summon feature into all of its Model S and Model X vehicles that came equipped with the necessary sensors. The next morning, the owners of said EVs could stand by their cars and watch them as they move forward or reverse on their own.
It's not exactly the kind of stuff that will make a 21st century grown man lose his mind with excitement, especially since there were other cars out there who did the same thing. If there was one cool thing about Tesla's Summon feature, it's that it came for free and without any visit to the workshop required.

But Tesla owners are used to this state of events. It's not the first time they woke up only to find their car has learned a neat new trick while they were asleep. But even though making a car roll by itself with the speed of a paraplegic snail isn't exactly rocket science given the multitude of sensors that can make it stop the moment they detect anything might be off, it will still impress the more gullible of us.

It's also a useful trick in certain situations, and the one that first comes to mind is when somebody parks next to you at the mall, assuming you're paper thin and would have no problem squeezing through a one-inch door gap. Instead of going in through the tailgate and then leaving an angry message on their car, you can now take advantage of the situation to show off your Tesla's abilities. You can even pretend to be force-pulling the vehicle while it moves, if you feel like it.

The author of this clip - and the owner of the white Model S featured in it, we assume - found a new way to make use of the Summon feature. And he really tried very hard as it wasn't that necessary, but we'll pretend we haven't noticed that. That "biiiig puddle" he talks about is indeed big, but it's also just behind the driver's door, so he would have had no problem climbing aboard.

Instead, like a kid who's finally got the chance to play with his toy, he makes the car slide forward two or three feet, allowing him to climb aboard comfortably. And, as that happens, he emits a hilarious attempt at an evil laugh. Oh, man, that's pure, unadulterated joy right there. And all it took was some heavy rain, poor drainage and a Tesla Model S. So a bad weather forecast and $100,000.

(Vertical filming alert)

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