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A Post-Apocalyptic Ducati Diavel? Yes, Sir!

Some time ago, the GM of Portland, OR-based Ducati dealer MotoCorsa, Arun Sharma, got his hands on a badly damaged Diavel. It took around two years until Arun finally made up his mind and found what to do with the mauled Diavel, and the 2016 One Motorcycle Show was the best occasion to show the world what a wrecked Diavel can look like... after being worked on properly.
MotoCorsa Diavel 9 photos
MotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa DiavelMotoCorsa Diavel
US' best Ducati dealer on more than one occasion, MotoCorsa coopted skilled metal worker Jeff Johnson of Illeagle Designs in the project and set off to change the Diavel in a radical way.

Once the damaged parts were binned, Arun made up his mind and said that the bike should receive a futuristic vibe, with all the plastic parts replaced by aluminum sheet fabrication. The result was supposed to look edgy and menacing, and by all means, the final attire of the Diavel seems to exceed the creation brief.

Jeff's skills allowed him to create a tessellated outer surface for the fuel tank, but his true art will remain hidden. The biggest challenge was to replicate the intricate and complex shape of the tank's bottom in aluminum. This titanic work was necessary to avoid reducing the tank's capacity, and he accomplished the task with flying colors.

The tessellation pattern spread to other segments of the bike, from the tail section and its miniature boxy hump to the headlight casing and front cowl, or the gill-shaped air intakes.

Rizoma bolt-on updates were chosen from the catalogue and they replaced the damaged ones, complementing the radical build where needed, as TROTCR informs. Rear set foot pegs, brake reservoirs, handlebar clamps and multiple engine decorations were employed in the final build, alongside a carbon clad Termignoni exhaust and Brembo RCS modding for the brakes.

Ducati Performance wheels are also on the menu, alongside full LED lights. MotoCorsa officials say that this Diavel still needs to be painted, and we're having a hard time deciding whether the paint is really necessary or not.


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