A Plane, a Motorcycle, and a Highliner in a Crazy Stunt That's Hard to Describe

The expression "everything's been done before" was often used in art to decry the fact that it's hard to be original anymore, but if you bother to analyze, it was often used as a screen or an excuse by the less successful artist to hide their complete or partial failure.
Crazy interdisciplinary stunt 4 photos
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Crazy interdisciplinary stuntCrazy interdisciplinary stuntCrazy interdisciplinary stunt
The same could be said about the world of show stunts, but this clip below would be the quickest way to prove them wrong. OK, so as Jimmy Fitzpatrick so bluntly puts it in this clip, we've reached the point where we can do backflips in our sleep, so what's next? Well, there are is a limited number of tricks you can do with a stunt bike, so the natural progression would be to perform them in more unique or even dangerous scenarios.

And that's precisely what these three daredevils set out to do. We've already talked about Jimmy, the guy on the bike, and together with him are highliner Sketchy Andy Lewis and aerobatic pilot Melissa Andrzejewski. Two men and one woman that can make the hair on your back stand up on their own get together to perform a world first combined stunt in the desert.

A simple description would be this: an airplane flies under a guy on a rope and another one doing a backflip. A more complicated one would sound the same, but would also have to take into account all the things that could go wrong. Or we'll just let Melissa do that for us: "I'm gonna be hitting either metal or my friends." Not exactly a choice you'd want to have to make.

Have you noticed that Sketchy Andy, the highliner, has a missing tooth? However, given the extreme heights he's used to working with, we don't think he got it from a stunt gone wrong. Anyway, he didn't just walk on the thin line, he even had the time to take a victory pose. Have you also noticed the airplane wasn't exactly flying straight? Yeah, because that would have been too easy. Oh, and Jimmy took his hands off the handlebar. Pff, these guys are such show offs.

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