A PIN Code for Your Car: Audi RS3 Sedan Gets "Gearbox Fault" Immobilizer

Audi RS3 Sedan Gets "Gearbox Fault" Immobilizer 4 photos
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Audi RS3 PIN code immobilizerAudi RS5 PIN code immobilizerAudi RS5 PIN code immobilizer
Now that the smartphone industry is moving from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition, it seems that the automotive industry has embraced the PIN code.
To be more precise, aftermarket safety systems that involve introducing a PIN number in order to operate one's vehicle are jumping in popularity.

As you can imagine, owners of performance vehicles are particularly interested in such features and we're here to provide you an example. This involves a pair of Audi RS models that have been gifted with a custom immobilizer.

To be more precise, we're dealing with an Audi RS3 Sedan and an RS6 Avant, which have received the said hardware from a British specialist. To put things simply, once such a device is installed and you enter your vehicle, you'll have to press a combination of buttons in order to keep the engine running after pressing the start button.

You get to choose which controls are used, with the list involving the center console, steering wheel and even the mirror and the window buttons.

If, say, somebody grabs your keys and subsequently enters the vehicle aiming to drive away, the engine will instantly be shut down in the absence of the said code, with various error codes being shown on the dashboard.

You can head over to the bottom of the page, where the first piece of footage on shows the RS3 Sedan refusing to allow the driver to carry on without the said PIN. As for the clip below it, this offers an example of how simple it is to enter such a code.

The UK's car thefts have jumped by 30 percent in three years

According to figures delivered by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), the vehicle thefts recorded last year rose to 85,688 units, which, compared to the number of car stolen a year before, makes for an increase of 19,905 vehicles.

Alas, the numbers also don't reflect the size of the problem and that's because the RAC has explained the thieves are now equipped with devices that are more technologically advanced.

The most frequent manners of going around the safety devices installed by automotive producers involve signal blocking and key cloning. If the trend continues to rise, we could see automakers introducing safety measures such as the aftermarket one described above.

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