A New Google Maps Alternative Launches on CarPlay

Navigation specialist TomTom has recently updated its very own AmiGO navigation app with support for CarPlay, therefore allowing the software to run on the larger screen inside the car.
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TomTom AmiGo for iOSTomTom AmiGo for iOSTomTom AmiGo for iOSTomTom AmiGo for iOSTomTom AmiGo for iOSTomTom AmiGo for iOS
TomTom AmiGO is a free application that comes with the essential feature package, so it offers step-by-step guidance to a defined destination, real-time traffic alerts, average speed check zones warnings, speed camera notifications, and so on.

Of course, it lacks the more advanced capabilities of its premium TomTom sibling, but on the other hand, it ticks all the right boxes to become a Google Maps replacement.

And with CarPlay support, there’s no doubt more people would give it a try, especially as having the app running on the larger screen inside the cabin is a lot more convenient than sticking with the small display of a mobile device.

The number of Google Maps alternatives available on CarPlay right now is growing, even though Apple itself hopes you’d stick with its own software. Apple Maps is also improving substantially these days, as the app is getting a new city experience, more detailed maps, and even 3D navigation to make the experience overall more modern and straightforward.

However, one of the biggest problems with Apple Maps right now is the limited availability of new features, as Apple seems to be focusing on the United States and a few other regions.

On the other hand, TomTom is one of the leading companies when it comes to navigation software, as its maps are already being used in millions of vehicles out there. Furthermore, its applications come with super-advanced capabilities, so don’t be too surprised if the adoption of the ad-free AmiGO skyrockets after its debut on CarPlay.

The version that comes with CarPlay support is 8.5, so if you want to get AmiGO to show up in the car, make sure that you download and install the most recent update on the App Store.


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