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A Mercedes for the Kiddies

Mercedes seems to be starting young with its fans these days, which may not be a bad way to
get ahead of the competition. We'd like you to take a look at the recently released Christmas gift catalog from Mercedes Benz. It has all the things a toddler needs and then some. All with the Mercedes logo emblazoned, of course.

First off on this Christmas' wish list should be the Bobby Benz SLK AMG, which is so cool that even grown-ups want to ride it. Painted in sleek silver and with realistic-looking rims, this kiddie ride will surely make your little bundle of joy the envy of the entire sand box.

Next on your list is the Bobby-bob sledge, a winter alternative to the Bobby Benz, because when the roads are snowed in, it's best to leave your Benz in the garage. There's also a bike available in the offer, but they're still working on that prototype. They haven't figured out where to stick the pedals on the darn thing!

And don't go thinking that Mercedes will leave you out in the cold looking like a dork in your new ride. They also have a cool F1 suit that is also available as a pajama, thus transforming your toddler into the cutest mini-Hamilton.

As a side offer, there's also something for the grown-ups, so they don't feel completely left out: there's the unisex Motorsports Collection rain jacket, the ladies' hooded sweatshirt, wollies also for the ladies and for the gents dress shirts.

All of these are available for purchase immediately in Europe from any authorized Mercedes-Benz partner. No word on the rest of the world yet, sorry. Check out the pictures to get an idea of what we're talking about, but if you're already as excited as us about this offer, you're already on your way to that Mercedes sales partner. Good luck trying to beat the Christmas rush!


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