A Man Doing 88 MPH in a DeLorean Doesn't Travel in Time, Gets Arrested Instead

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Despite being 31 years old now, the "Back to the Future" movie continues to have plenty of fans all over the world. If there's at least one TV set on a 50-mile radius, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know who Marty McFly and Doc Brown are, no matter where you are on the globe.
But apart from the two characters - played by Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd - there was another one that stood out throughout the course of all three movies: the time machine itself. The producers chose a DeLorean DMC-12, a sports car riddled with flaws coming from a relatively obscure manufacturer. Well, the movie didn't do anything to mend the vehicle, but it sure boosted it to stardom level overnight.

Naturally, it became a fan's favorite and owning one was almost synonym to wearing a big sign that says "I'm a geek that likes Back to the Future more than I should." That didn't stop people from buying the vehicles, and even though the company went bankrupt, there are talks about a comeback which are probably sending tsunami waves of excitement among the fans.

The DeLorean DMC-12, then, is not like other cars. Do 88 mph in any of them and you most likely won't make the news; do it in a DeLorean, and you will instantly become nothing short of a hero inside the Back to the Future fan community. And if you don't know why that is, then it's probably time to watch the movie for a second time (or is it nineth?) because you clearly forget things.

88 mph was the speed at which the DeLorean time machine broke the time continuum and managed to take its occupants back into the future. 55-year-old Nigel Mills from Essex, the United Kingdom had no intention of doing any of that. He was just trying to enjoy his car on a beautiful Sunday morning when he got caught by the police.

"I wasn't trying to time travel," he told The Guardian, probably struggling to keep a straight face. The DeLorean isn't Nigel's daily driver, so this was one of the few occasions when he took the silver two-seater out for a spin. The empty road and the curiosity to see what 2040 looks like pushed him to step on the accelerator way too far, which eventually got him arrested.

However, there's a happy ending to the story as the two officers who caught him speeding did not show up in front of the magistrates, which meant that the case was suspended.
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