A Man Designed a Mr. Bean Lego Play Set Complete with Famous Green Mini Car

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Photo: Lego Ideas
Mr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego PlaysetMr. Bean Lego Playset
If you don’t know who Mr. Bean is, you’ve missed on one of the greatest comedy shows of the ’90s, if not actually the best. Played by Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean is precisely the man you and I try every second of our lives not to be.
He has almost all imaginable bad traits, from selfishness to pettiness and everything in between, but he does have one saving grace: he drives a wonderful British Leyland Mini finished in Austin Citron Green paint with a matte black hood.

The car slowly became one of the show’s stars as it appeared in most of the episodes, playing quite a major role in some of them - there’s one where he changes his clothes inside the car, or one where he drives it from a roof-strapped armchair.

But the Mini wasn’t the only four-wheeled star of the show - oh, well, actually it was because the other vehicle to make a constant appearance only had three of them. It was a light-blue Reliant Regal Supervan III and placing it in the role of Mr. Bean’s nemesis was probably the smartest move made by the producers, as seeing that hilarious car as the evil protagonist was enough to crack you up even before it did anything. And, frankly, it didn’t do that much, usually ending up on its side - or worse - due to the vehicle’s poor stability.

Now there’s a man who built a virtual Lego playing set prototype featuring Mr. Bean and the two cars, and he’s asking for the community’s support. If he reaches 10,000 supporters, somebody from Lego will review it and it may end up as a real set.

If you ask us, the cars look pretty much crap and the Mr. Bean figurine is just a man in a suit, but we’d still give it a thumbs up, if only for the intention. Oh, and for that image with the blue Reliant Regal Supervan III toppled over - that shows we’re dealing with a true fan of the show. And he also listens to other people’s suggestions, including the mandatory teddy-bear figurine as well in a later update. Good man.

If you like his idea, go over to the Lego Ideas website and give your support. It’s free, after all, and will only take a minute. It already gathered 150 supporters after just one day, and it’s got 361 left.
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