A Look At How Insanely Tough Ural Motorcycles Tests Are

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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Ural side-car testingUral side-car testingUral side-car testingUral side-car testing
You might be aware that Ural is still making motorcycles to this day, but few of you know how they actually test their machines before they reach the market. The word that can best describe this is “insane” and if you look at the video below you’ll see what I mean.
Building a new motorcycle isn’t all that simple, and testing plays a huge role in the process. You can’t simply put it on sale if it’s unsafe or can’t cope with the situations it has been designed for.

For this, every large bike manufacturer has a special branch that handles with extensive testing for each and every motorcycle part or assembly. They usually use designated machines that can simulate thousands of hours of use for a part until it brakes or not. But sometimes, you just have to take the complete machine out there and put it through its paces.

And that’s exactly what these guys here are doing. However, this isn’t just your ordinary product evaluation session. Ural brags about making some of the toughest side-car motorcycles (or maybe the only ones at the moment) and that means some unusual testing has to be done.

Something like going through the rockiest, muddiest mountain path you can imagine, or simply crossing a small river that is deep enough to make the motorcycle completely disappear under the water.

When was your last time you submerged your bike under the water and it kept on going to the other side? I really can’t figure out how is that even possible without a snorkel. And by the look of it, that Ural has none...

But enough with me spoiling the fun, go and watch the video below and see for yourself what the mighty Ural side-car motorcycle can do and what it can’t. Oh, did I mentioned the guys that are testing them are directors of the factory?

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