A Cybertrunk For Your Wrist: Cybertime Watch From Anicorn

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Photo: Anicorn Watches
Cybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's CybertruckCybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck
Tesla’s Cybertruck presentation last November could have been a disaster considering that the supposedly bulletproof windows on the electric truck shattered during a test with a steel ball. Even this embarrassing episode is inspiring others.
The Cybertruck has been a hit so far: pre-orders are pouring in, and the amount of media coverage goes beyond what other marques are getting for their cars. This, despite the general consensus that the electric truck is ugly – and there is absolutely no way of getting around that or putting it in a more delicate manner.

With its angular shape that seems to want defy expectations and even common sense, the Cybertruck stands out like a sore thumb. The fact that it should have armored, unbreakable windows only adds to its strangeness – unless, of course, you assume it was built specifically to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Perhaps just as strange is the fact that the Cybertruck has inspired a slew of assorted products, from other electric vehicles to garages, bunkers and even houses. Most of them are only concepts, meant to be used in some not-that-far-off future in conjunction with the Cybertruck. This watch we’ll talk about next is real.

Anicorn Watches from Hong Kong, through its LAB division, seeks to put out unique, different and otherwise unconventional timepieces through crowdfunding. The process is simple: if a certain number of pre-orders is reached, the timepiece goes into production. Pledgers get a small discount on the final price of the watch.

Their latest project is a watch inspired by the Cybertruck, aptly called Cybertime. The name is just as silly as that of the truck inspiring it, but since everyone’s now in on the joke, we might as well roll with it.

Cybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck
Photo: Anicorn Watches
Cybertime is also angular and aggressive, with a case made of stainless steel with very sharp angles and a non-traditional form factor. Unlike the Cybertruck, the Cybertime is not bulletproof: Anicorn plans on making two separate models, and neither can withstand bullets or heavy blows. At the most, they will be waterproof up to 3 atmospheres.

Another thing that stands out about Cybertime is that it also breaks away with traditional time-telling format. The face is replaced by a geometric touchscreen that lights up when tapped, since it’s equipped with capacitive touch function. The red light interface tells the time in digital format in a straight vertical manner, which further emphasizes its cyberpunk ‘80s vibe.

Two models of Cybertime will be made: a regular one and a limited edition one, which will include only 50 items. The only apparent difference between the two is that the latter will feature two “cracks” on the screen – a not too subtle reference to the incident during the November presentation that made headlines around the world.

Despite its Cybertruck-inspired design, Cybertime offers only the impression of chunkiness: based on photos for the prototype, it would be sleek and sit nicely on the wrist without coming across as too big. It would come with a matching stainless bracelet, and only 3 functions (time, date and backlight). Battery will have a 1-year lifespan.

Cybertime watch, inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck
Photo: Anicorn Watches
In terms of what a watch – not to mention a smartwatch – can offer in terms of features these days, this is very light. Then again, Cybertime isn’t meant as a horological work of art or all-feature smartwatch: Anicorn aimed to put a Cybertruck on your wrist and that’s exactly what it will do. No added bonuses.

Both versions of the watch will sell for $280, if they ever make it into production, which is an unlikely move for a watchmaker putting out a “limited edition” series. For pledgers, they cost $250.

As of the time of writing, the campaign still has 1 month and 11 days to raise the required number of pre-orders, and both versions are over 30 percent funded. If all goes according to plan, Anicorn plans to start delivering the Cybertime in August 2020.
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