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A Couple Transformed This Truck Into a Tiny Home With a Real House Feeling
Nicole and Jonathan are two inspiring people that enjoy the nomad life. Before deciding to buy a truck and redesign it into a tiny home, they both had their vans in which they lived. After selling those two vans, they had a jumpstart of €39,000 ($37,000). A part of that money went into the direction of buying and repairing a used 2012 DAF LF 55 truck for €21,089 ($20,435).

A Couple Transformed This Truck Into a Tiny Home With a Real House Feeling

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They started by redecorating the interior of the cabin, changing the fabric and color scheme from boring monochromatic black to green, black, and grey shades. The windows they wanted to buy for this tiny home were the usual plastic windows seen in campers, but they could not find the specific size. In the end, they ended up buying traditional customized windows that we can find in normal houses. The couple also bought custom-made sliding doors for their patio. Yes, the truck also has a patio, giving it a homier feeling.

The walls and roof are made of Okoume wood, a lightweight, durable, and nice-looking plywood which they painted in a black-grey color. The floor is made of concrete plywood and finished with epoxy to give it a fabulous shiny look.

Since this truck was not designed to be a house, they also had to add insulation to keep the heat in and the moisture out. This was made possible by adding rigid foam boards for the floor and Rockwool for the walls.

The cabinets in the kitchen were bought new from Ikea, but all the other kitchen necessities, such as the sink, the dishwasher, and the fridge, are second-hand products. This adds a bit of environmental friendliness. The chairs were also used, thus reducing the price they had to pay for decorating the kitchen, especially since they managed to get a free salvaged table.

The bathroom appliances are all second-hand, again saving a lot of money compared to the expensive option of buying them brand new. The toilet is a Cinderella Freedom, which is an incineration toilet. That means it uses propane as fuel and is water-free, making it perfect for places with no utilities and producing little waste. The shower is a Nebia 2.0, which reduces water usage to a minimum, perfect for this type of living when you do not always have access to a lot of water. The washing machine is a Daewoo Mini that they mounted on the wall. Now that I think of it, it’s an ingenious way to save space and turn this truck into a fully working house.

The small living room is, you guessed it, also decorated with second-hand items. Here we can find a couch and a table that the couple says has not reached its full potential yet and is still getting customized. The mini wood-burning stove takes center stage here. Imported from Canada, it cost them quite a lot, €1,200 ($1,162) without import taxes. Although it was expensive, the couple is happy with the purchase since they could not find another one that they would have liked locally.

Under the kitchen and the living room, Nicole and Jonathan had a great idea of saving some space and adding more storage. For this specific reason, the kitchen and the couch are located on a raised floor. By making it out of the same wood used for the floor, they customized a few boxes that come out from under that raised area.

Moving towards the bedroom, you can access this place by a ladder, well, sort of. Sturdier and more resistant rails were added to the kitchen drawers creating a “kitchen-bedroom drawer-ladder.” The sleeping place is a simple mattress under which they added a ventilation system bed, creating a touch more comfort when it comes to their sleeping situation.

Without adding the price of the off-grid system to the final cost of this whole truck miniature home, we get a total of €33,513 ($32,474). Considering that they designed this tiny home not only to be environmentally friendly but also chic, practical, and cozy, we can say that Nicole and Jonathan did a great job creating an affordable mobile home.


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